4 Great Reasons Why You Should Learn French Before Traveling

Have you been meaning to learn French for a while, but need some encouragement in the right direction? We would all like to be bilingual, but sometimes we have to consider the benefits before deciding to learn a new language. We are here to give you all the right reasons why you should learn French before traveling to a French speaking country.

Career Benefits

Adding new skills to your resume is great, but being bilingual is the best thing you can do when working for a company where French is spoken or an area where it is spoken. With the global economy being more competitive than ever, any new skill can make the difference. Learning French can help you network when you arrive at your destination and find new career options. Whether you are looking for a short term job or long term employment, it will come in handy and help you find career opportunities.


Meeting new people is inevitable if you learn French before traveling. It’s much easier to converse in the local language and find social events where French is spoken. You’ll fit in like a native and be much more comfortable in these situations. In a social environment, you will find new companions who can help you learn French quickly. Your travel will go much more smoothly and you’ll be able to get around on your own, being able to communicate in any situation without having to rely on a translation tool.

Easier to Get Around

You’ll find that it’s much easier to get around when you know the local language. You won’t have to translate every sign or menu that you come across which will save you enormous amounts of time. Simply go from one destination to another without wasting time on translating every little thing you come across. This can make your trip much more enjoyable and allow you to focus on the best things to do and attractions in the area that you’re traveling. You’ll find it much more convenient.

Travel to Over 30 Countries

Did you notice that French is spoken in more than thirty countries ?! Believe it or not, thirty! It will not be just France where you can put your new expertise to work, but around the world. Imagine how nice it will be to book hostels, organize dinners, and connect with locals in their own language. There’s an endless amount of adventure you can enjoy when you know French – of course France itself is an excellent destination but there are so many others that you’ll be able to enjoy including Quebec.

We hope that this was enough to get you to finally take the plunge and learn French. There are a million reasons why you should learn French before traveling. Your travels will go a lot more smoothly and you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy the attractions and things to do at your destination. We offer a variety of convenient French classes online that allow you to fully enjoy all of the benefits of the language before you travel.

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