4 Historic Attractions to Visit in Spain

Spain packs lots of surprises for those visitors having the image of having to fight for some towel space at among its crowded beaches, or coolly sipping sangria when watching a bullfight. Often, many visitors require a vacation with nothing but just cocktails by the pool and cool relaxation. However, there are those who some bit of adventure and exploring is very much needed.

  1. Mezquita, Spain

This stunning Cordoba’s capital is among the best historical sites found in Spain. Once the biggest Roman city in the country, it was a great caliphate of the Moors. It’s known for its impressive mosque and charming old town. The mosque, known as “ Mezquita” is among the best things you are going to see in Cordoba. The attractive building is a clear testament of Moorish architecture and presents itself as a humbling sight. Tourists, throughout the city, are normally amazed and enthralled by the richness of monuments and historic tales of Roman, Arabic, and later Christian conquests in Spain.

  1. Alhambra

This historical complex has recorded history that dates back to the 9th century. Are you planning a visit to Granada after learning Spanish language from your Spanish teacher in Salt Lake City? You should take into account that Alhambra definitely is among the top historical tourist attraction sites in Spain for good reasons. It wasn’t till the 13 Century, and during the Moorish rule, that it entered history.

During this time, old Roman buildings were reinforced, and reconstructed in lavish Arabic design by none other than Mohammed Ben Al-Hamar together with his predecessors. Charles V ordered, after the Christian Reconquista, the demolition of some parts of this complex to satisfy more catholic tastes. The place was abandoned in the 18th century, till the process of rehabilitation started in the 19th century. The outcome of this history is an historic monument of true and unique design.

  1. Alcazar Seville

When you are on a visit to Seville, the list of amazing things to see and do are just so many. However, perhaps you just need some small dose of sightseeing. Then do not miss the Alcazar in Spain. Note that of all the historical sites you find in Spain, there is none as attractive as Alcazar of Seville. It is surrounded by serene and tranquil gardens together with pavilions, which date back to the 9th century. It’s very easy to get lost immersed in the history and drama of this Moorish architecture.

  1. Sagrada Familia & Park Guell

Antoni Gaudi participated in the designing and building of seven properties in, and around, Barcelona. Now his work, designated as UNESCO World Heritage Site is a testament to his incredibly creative contributions to architecture. These buildings are extremely unique in nature.

When staying in Barcelona, do not fail to visit La Sagrada Familia. This is an iconic building that should be in your bucket list. And the stunning Park Guell is a famous example of Gaudi’s attractive architecture. This public park comprises gardens plus amazing mosaic architecture. An enthralling space of fairy-tale gatehouses, and a mosaic of lizard guarding its magnificent staircase.

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