4 Top Spanish Speaking Countries to Visit

While there are many reasons to travel and explore the world outside of your own country, one of the most popular reasons for international travel is to experience a culture through full immersion. Frequent international travelers love fully immersing and exploring different cultures and learning all about them – the food, architecture, the ideals, and the languages. One of the most popular languages around the world, and the most popular language that travelers seek to learn, understand, and eventually be able to speak, write, and read is Spanish. Full immersion in a Spanish speaking country is the quickest way to learn the language and here, we will discuss four top Spanish speaking countries to visit.
Before we begin, it is important to note that in order to begin quickly picking up on the language one must have a basic understanding of the language first before being fully immersed in the language. While it is possible for someone with no basic knowledge to learn the language in this way, it is extremely difficult and can even be dangerous not being able to communicate. If you are in need of a Spanish teacher in Salt Lake City that can help you master the basics of the language, check out http://www.inlinguautah.com or seek out the highly recommended Inlingua Utah for more information.

The first Spanish speaking country recommended to visit is the birthplace of the language – Spain. For obvious reasons, the birthplace of Spanish is the best choice of country to visit. Not only is the Spanish vernacular in Spain the “purest” due to the language originating here, but the culture is breathtaking to explore. Between the architecture, the history, and the language purity, it is easily the most recommended Spanish speaking destination.


The next country is Mexico. While there are many other Spanish speaking countries that could have been selected in Mexico’s place, the close proximity to Salt Lake City allows for affordable travel. Pair that with amazing beaches, resorts, food, and culture and you have yourself an amazing Spanish speaking destination.\


The third country is Panama. Panama gives you the opportunity to explore Central America and see the incredible spectacle that is the Panama Canal. This spectacle allows ships of all sizes to pass through Central America, crossing the Atlantic Ocean into the Pacific Ocean and vice versa. Best of all you can view this incredible work of engineering while also fully immersing yourself in the Spanish language.

Puerto Rico

That last Spanish speaking country recommended is Puerto Rico. Just like Mexico, this destination has relatively close proximity to anyone in the United States. Puerto Rico is also a United States territory meaning travel should be easy with very little paperwork and processes that must be gone through beforehand. Puerto Rico has a great history with forts in San Juan, and stunning beaches and resorts and offers a great, immersive experience for travelers looking to travel to Spanish speaking countries.

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