Benefits of Taking French Lessons at Inlingua

It’s commonly known that French is the language of love and romance. French films focus on plots of lust and falling head over heels, and Paris is the city everyone escapes to when they fall for one another. The French are known for being able to seduce with just their words (though the delicious food and wine sure does help). While French is clearly love’s favorite language, how do you learn to love the language of French?

By taking French classes, of course! Taking a French classes in Salt Lake City can do so much more than teach you the basics you need to know to order a meal or find the bathroom; it will help you fully understand the culture and the native speakers. One of the premier places to receive French class instruction is from Inlingua in Salt Lake City, United States. Inlingua, a language training school and certified translation service based in Salt Lake City, is one of the best places to truly immerse yourself in the language you want to learn.

Other than wanting to speak the tongue of love, taking French classes can help you prepare for a vacation. Visiting France of Montreal for a family vacation or a honeymoon? Hop on the plane from Salt Lake City and fly to a foreign and exciting place full of French speakers like yourself. Your trip will be much easier and way more enjoyable when you can speak the language and interact with the residents. Instead of fumbling around on your phone looking for English speaking reviews of coffee shops on Yelp, you can just ask a local for a recommendation and end up finding a place that is way more unique and interesting than where all the other visitors are going.

Taking French classes in Salt Lake City at Inlingua can also help you with your business. Clients who want to do business in Salt Lake City who might be international clients, or native French speakers will feel a lot more comfortable navigating business contracts in a language they understand. Taking French classes will give you an upper edge on your market competition and will allow you to make better and longer lasting relationships with French speaking clients. Furthermore, knowing French can open up your business to the French speaking market. If you are looking to expand your business to Canada or Europe, knowing French is a must.

As for love, the elusive ever changing goal that most of us hold dear to our hearts (pun intended), will taking French classes really help? Possibly! Imagine coming to class at Inlingua and sitting down to a person you are attracted to, striking up a bumbling conversation in French, and then over the course of the class learn to woo them in the language you are both learning together. That’s a pretty cute “how did you two meet?” story to tell at cocktail parties. So take French classes in Salt Lake City at Inlingua, have a great vacation or business interaction, and fall in love!

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