How Being Bilingual Can Help You Get More Jobs

In today’s competitive job market, it is important for everyone to gain experience, knowledge, and skill sets that allow you to stand out from all other candidates for a job. While there are several extracurricular activities that could get you noticed next time you hand in your résumé to a potential employer, there are a variety of skills that could apply to the job or add to the value of your candidacy that would look better and set you far above your competition. The first thing that comes to mind in this skillset is the ability to speak more than one language. Here are just a few ways being bilingual can help you get more jobs.

Having the ability to speak another language may not alter your productivity relative to another candidate that employers are likely comparing you to, but it does add a unique skillset that can serve useful in the workplace. In any business, it is commonplace to have customers that speak a different language. With the ability to effectively communicate, translate, and interact with these customers, you are already far ahead of your competition in terms of value for a company. Companies are all about the value you bring and will always hire the candidate that gives them the most upside for the cost of their salary. This huge increase in upside will easily propel you over your competition and make your more noticeable and favorable to the hiring team of any company.

The idea that bilingual candidates are more valuable does not just apply to business departments such as marketing and sales, but it can be seen in specialized jobs as well. Lawyers often need to communicate with parties that speak different languages, hospitals always have a need for someone who can translate and communicate in a foreign language, not to mention the overly obvious job of being a translator. With all these opportunities tailored specifically to bilingual candidates, the possibilities are endless when you can speak multiple languages.

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While the journey to learning a new language is difficult, time consuming, and stressful, it is just as rewarding in both personal feelings of achievement and pride as well as compensation and opportunities available to you. Whether opening completely new doors, or making opportunities more realistic than before, being bilingual will ultimately influence your career and personal life in a positive way.

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