Building Your Resume: The REAL Reasons Why Employers Skip over Resumes, and What You can Do About It

In the present global economic climate, one of the most important qualities an employee can have is the capacity to understand a second or several languages. Understanding an additional language such as French, Spanish or Mandarin, for instance, demonstrates to an employer your importance both as an employee and as an individual. Here are some reasons why taking French classes in Salt Lake City can help you build your resume credentials and elevate you in your chosen career.

  1. Marketability

Whenever you are writing your resume, you would like to present yourself as the most qualified candidate there is. There is no more effective way to do that than to talk about your proficiency in a second language. Prospective employers understand that bilingual employees are very rare and expensive to find and possessing this skill makes you a desirable candidate, especially in the retail and manufacturing sectors where global business is an essential component of the firm.

  1. Distinguishable

The competition for employment opportunities can be rigorous, and it’s important to look for ways to distinguish yourself from other candidates. If you happen to be pooled together with 15 other job seekers who possess a similar skill set to you, understanding a second language such as French might be the distinguishing factor that will land you that dream job. You can take a step closer to achieving that by going to for expert recommendations of the best French Classes in Salt Lake City.

  1. Attract International Companies

French language fluency will bring you the opportunity to establish yourself as an international employee that can fill interesting, rewarding and profitable positions. If you love traveling, you can increase your possibility of getting picked for foreign trips because of your ability to communicate in French. In addition, your skills might put you in up for a promotion. However, before you start dreaming of the prospect of such an amazing career. You need to equip yourself by enrolling for French Classes in Salt Lake City. Thanks to, there are highly experienced tutors that will make the whole experience a rewarding and pleasurable one for you that is well worth your time.

  1. Improvement of Other Important Business Competencies

Several studies have shown that many skills which are often developed as a result of understanding a foreign language, such as French. It usually leads to positive results in the individual’s place of work. For instance, studies have shown that students who acquire second language training tend to be more innovative and better at solving difficult problems than those that did not. Juggling between various languages can enhance the multitasking abilities of an individual, as outlined by research from the University of Chicago. Individuals that understand several languages tend to be more satisfied with their decisions after pondering it over in the second language and observing if their first conclusions still endure. When you are proficient in more than a language, emphasize such proficiency or abilities on your resume and talk about it when you are being interviewed. In case you are contemplating learning a French language to enhance your career, every indication suggests it’s a sensible decision. There is no better place to start your French Classes in Salt Lake City, suited with the professional and experienced tutors at

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