Be Careful Who You Use for Certified Translations


Getting a certified translation in Utah isn’t that difficult when you choose a provider with the experience needed to create a high quality and accurate translation. You do have to be careful to choose the right provider with the necessary background to be able to handle your translation. Just about anyone can legally call themselves a certified translator, even if they have minimal experience, so you can’t assume that someone who advertises their certified translation service will be adequate just based on what they say. It’s always a good idea to do a little bit of research prior to hiring anyone for your next translation. You might avoid a potentially serious problem with your certified translation just by hiring the right person.

An experienced translator can cost you

Certified translations are often used for some of the most crucial purposes including medical records, legal documents, immigration papers and others. If there is just one error in the translation it can result in a potentially serious consequences such as a legal liability, improper medical diagnosis or treatment and other issues. If you are liable for the accuracy of your translation, or if it has any important purpose, you can’t choose a provider with a lower level of experience. So when you’re looking for a certified translation be sure to choose one with a strong background in the languages you need to translate as well as appropriate certified translation requirements.

Your certified translator should be able to explain their background

Your certified translator should also be able to tell you about their background and experience with certified translations so that you can get a good idea about whether or not they’ll be able to handle your translation. You almost always want to hire someone with several years of experience translating rather than someone who just started offering certified translations. You may even want to ask if they have any samples of their prior translations that don’t contain sensitive material. In any case, if your potential translator is unwilling to talk about their experience, the chances are that they may have something to hide, so it’s best to move onto a more experienced service provider even if they are more expensive.

Don’t try to save money in exchange for experience

Although you may run across some translators who are willing to save you a little money on their hourly or flat rate costs for a certified translation, it’s not worth it because of the potential legal problems or other issues that you may run into. Generally, certified translations are requested because they must be accurate to the highest degree possible, and if you go with a freelancer with limited experience or another company that doesn’t have an extensive track record, you might find yourself dealing with some serious problems if your translation is rejected. To avoid having to pay extra money for a second translation or the headaches that can come with an inaccurate certified translation, be sure to hire an experienced service provider like Inlingua Utah and don’t assume that someone will be suitable only because they are selling certified translation services.



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