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English (ESL)

When living in the U.S., speaking English is a must, especially, at school or in business. Without English fluency you likely will be limited in what you can achieve. Job promotions are doubtful without the English skills necessary to communicate with customers or management. Let us help you take that next step up the ladder to success by learning English from the experts!

inlingua has offered English classes worldwide since 1968, with proven results. We have been centrally located in Salt Lake since 1996, teaching thousands of people over 30 different languages. We make learning fun and instructive. You will communicate much more effectively whether at work, school or play.

The inlingua method will prepare you well, with our highly trained instructors giving you individual attention. So many of our students tried learning elsewhere, in large classrooms with dozens of other people but without personal attention it was difficult to keep up and learn properly. That’s why we keep each class size small, to be more conducive to learning.

We have been where you are, immigrants looking for opportunity. Some of us came here only knowing a few words of English but now we nearly speak like a native. We know what it takes to achieve fluency and how to use it to help you get ahead!

Contact us today to learn English from the experts! Call us at (801) 355-3775 or email us at don@inlinguautah.com.