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Kids’ Classes

In today’s world, learning a second language is very important for success. It opens doors for work, travel and relationships. A young child’s capacity for learning comes naturally through speaking and listening. To learn multiple languages at a young age is easy and can be great fun using inlingua’s positive teaching methods.

Several studies have shown that children who grow up learning two languages are better at memory tasks like math and reading comprehension and bilingual kids develop the ability to comprehend a greater amount of information as well as learn it faster. Additional research has shown that these children are better at switching between tasks than those that learn just one language. Bilingual students usually score better on tests like the ACT and SAT.

We are not limited to teaching only the major Western European languages like Spanish, French and German. In today’s changing world we are interacting more and more with other lands and the need for languages like Chinese, Russian and Korean is becoming greater each day. We can teach whatever language your child needs to know.

This program is perfect for kids of any age! Let your child get ahead of his/her peers not only by studying a second language but by acquiring new learning methods and skills.

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