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Why inlingua Utah?

The inlingua method

inlingua is one of the world’s leading language training organizations with well over 300 language centers across Europe, Africa, Asia, North and South America. inlingua has successfully trained millions of private clients and employees of large and small companies, as well as, government workers using our proven learning methods. We use inlingua’s specially developed training materials and provide highly qualified native speakers with extensive language and communication training, to ensure a successful learning experience.

The inlingua method has uncovered key elements to successfully learning a new language, with speaking being the major emphasis. inlingua has found that learning the presentation, practice and production stages in sequence enhances the classroom experience. Students are kept motivated by interesting training sessions using a wide variety of activities and techniques. The time spent in each stage may vary depending upon the focus and needs of the students.


Usually, the least amount of time is spent in this stage. The trainer introduces the language using examples words and phrases. Questions are asked to gain student involvement and accurate pronunciation and intonation are established.


The students speak the language forming sentences in a controlled format led by the instructor. Over time, the student will learn to speak automatically, without hesitation and the trainer will correct any mistakes.


Once a student has become competent in the structure of the language they go to the production stage, expanding their vocabulary and engaging in discussions on a variety of topics, many of their own choosing. The focus here is on making the language meaningful rather than simply learning by repetition. The activities give learners more control over what they say and how they say it through a much more creative process.

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