About the Language Services at Inlingua Utah

Inlingua Utah a top tier language school in Salt Lake City. We offer customized programs for language learners. Our native tongue teachers are ready to help you attain your language goals as a student. If you want to learn French, for instance, a highly experienced French teacher will be available for you.

Our teachers will ensure that you are familiar with the language and that you accomplish your learning goals. We focus on your understanding and not merely passing tests.

Our Location

Our school is located in Salt City where you can find fascinating attractions and some of the best scenery in the whole US. The magnificent national parks such as the Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon National Park, Capitol Reef National Park, and others are a few hours’ drive from the city.

There are lots of recreational activities that you can enjoy during summer and winter here. For those who love hiking, there are numerous opportunities and you can also enjoy mountain biking.

In winter, you can try things like snowmobiling and snowboarding that will complete your experience in Salt Lake City. Additionally, if you happen be here during the annual Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, you will enjoy different works from famous filmmakers.

Our city is also full of a variety of international ski resorts. You’ll have plenty to do between your language classes, to say the least.

Our Services

Our language courses at Inlingua Utah have been available since 1996. We believe that the experience we have gained throughout these years will ensure exceptional quality. We are staffed by native English speaking professionals that engage our clients in the way they know best.

Our quality control team also ensures the accurate and correct format for all of our courses. Our team of translators is trusted since many of them have been managing international translation projects across the globe.

Our translators handle an array of work from different industries including technical, legal, medical, web, and business. We have a strong track record of sticking to our deadlines, and the quality of our translated documents is guaranteed to be top tier.

We also have interpreters in nearly all languages you can think about. They have a great command of the target language and the cultures of the given languages.

We are among the most reliable language institutions in the United States with world class services here at Inlingua Utah that are sure to exceed your expectations no matter what service that you need.

Inlingua Utah is dedicated to meet your language and translation needs as an individual or business. We work with your preferred pace and schedule. Don’t worry if you cannot come to our location, we have online training options and can handle translations across the world.

You can request for an instructor online and we’ll get back to immediately. Our unique facility is also available for those who happen to be traveling to Salt Lake City or who live here, so feel free to stop by or call us at 1.801.355.3775.

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