How to Learn More About Mexican Culture

While it is very easy to become preoccupied with our everyday lives and slip into the same old routine, it is important to note the diversity among us. Throughout the entire country, even in the Salt Lake City area, there are a plethora of unique and diverse cultures that vary in several ways from the culture you are used to experiencing in your day to day life. So just what does culture mean? Culture is how a group of people, classified by ethnicity, location, religion, or even language, live their lives. Everything from morals and ideals, to art, to language, to movies, to food, to architecture is a part of culture and is a unique opportunity to experience life through a person’s shoes who lives differently from you.

One of the most common cultures in Salt Lake City is the Mexican culture due to Mexico’s close proximity to the area. While it is important to understand this culture in order to better understand the Mexican people, it can be difficult to learn. Where do you even start learning about a culture and the vast differences that contribute to it?

While the easy answer is to go to Mexico and experience the entire culture first hand, this can be expensive and often overwhelming. The simplest answer to the question of how you are supposed to learn more about Mexican culture in your area is in a variety of ways.

For instance, the culinary component of culture can be further understood by experiencing and tasting food from the culture. Mexican foods include all sorts of interesting and delicious entrees including tacos, burritos, enchiladas, and churros. The architectural element can be learned about online by looking at pictures of famous Mexican buildings and studying and examining the key differences between Mexican designed buildings in comparison to buildings in the Salt Lake City area that do not have a Mexican influence. Visiting Mexican owned businesses in your area is a great way to connect with Mexican business owners and learn more about them both personally and professionally. This will offer you a peak into the personal and business values that are held by the Mexican culture and all of the nuances that separate it from your own culture. Watching Mexican movies or television shows on online streaming services or on Spanish broadcasts will allow you to not only learn about the films and shows that are common in the Mexican culture, but also pick up a little bit of the language. Lastly, the language can be learned easiest by taking Spanish classes in Salt Lake City. One of the best and most highly recommended Spanish instructor that teaches Spanish classes in the Salt Lake City area is Inlingua Utah (more information on him at

While it is ultimately easiest to experience and learn about the Mexican culture by fully immersing yourself in it through a trip to Mexico, it is clear that there is a more affordable, more convenient way that will grant you the opportunity to further understand the Mexican culture from the comfort of Salt Lake City.

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