How Learning a Language Enhances Your Life as an Adult

If you are a native American adult chances are that you speak only the English language. A couple years of foreign language might have been required in high school and college but for the most part you are like the rest of the population – expecting that those who come to the United States should learn English. Many Americans never travel outside of the country for work or pleasure so they never encounter other languages.

So, if you haven’t learned a second language yet you may be asking yourself – why bother now? Trust me there are dozens of great reasons, but we will only cover 5 in this blog.

First, bilingual adults have better and more job prospects than their single-language counterparts. Today, it is very common to see signs in multiple languages across the country, and to hear multiple languages being spoken all around – in restaurants, shops and other public places. That is because there are more people from around the world immigrating to the United States and they are proud of their native tongue. So, many companies have begun to acquiesce to the possibility that America may become more multilingual – and are searching for employees who have gotten on board with the idea. One great place to start is with Spanish classes that are offered right here in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Secondly, learning a new language is good for your brain. Ask any educator and they will tell you the research confirms the positive effects on your mind that result from learning a second language. There is no shortage of options for Spanish classes in Salt Lake City. They are available all across the area days, nights and weekends.

A third benefit of acquiring the ability to speak another language is broadening your understanding of other cultures. Spanish teachers in Salt Lake City will confirm this. Learning a new language – even becoming proficient in some of the more common phrases that allow you to greet someone in their native language – is empowering and breaks down cultural barriers. Spanish teachers in Salt Lake City will tell you the same thing!

Benefit 4 is the simple fact that learning a new language is an achievement. Researchers say that as we age our brains are less inclined to take in new knowledge. However, with each new language lesson you develop an expertise and facility that makes learning the next thing easier!

Finally, the fifth benefit will be your improved ability to empathize with people all over the world. There is not more eye-opening experience than that of seeing the world through the eyes of someone from another country. The first step in this journey is learning how to speak to them in their own language.

So don’t wait another day. Contact Inlingua Utah and start down that language path today.

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