More Reasons to Learn French

You know some of the basic reasons why you should learn French, but there are even more as to why why you should learn this beautiful language. France is thought of by many as the home of elegance and love, and is often portrayed as one of the most romantic countries on earth. It only seems fitting that French is one of the five Romantic languages. Aside from all this, there are several other reasons why you should want to find a good French teacher in Salt Lake City through Inlingua Utah.

French is a very important language when it comes to international relations. Millions of people watch the Olympics every year. It is possible you may have never noticed before, but the Olympics always announces everything in French at least once. Even a globally recognized and major event such as the Olympics recognize that French has become an important world language.

Especially in Europe, if someone doesn’t speak English, it is quite likely that they speak French as one of their languages. French is quickly becoming one of the largest globally used languages, and is taught in almost every country. Other large and important organizations like the United Nations, the European Union, NATO, and more also use the French language as one of their main communications. If it is a dream or a passion of yours to be involved in anything international, it would be in your best interest to hire a French teacher in Salt Lake City.

Besides being an important international language, French is also a language of reasoning and debate. It is an analytical language which structures thoughts and develops critical thinking. Many great philosophers like Derrida and Descartes thought in French, as did some of the greatest scientists like Marie Curie and Georges Charpak. By learning the complexities of the French language, you can learn how to argue a case and present your point of view in a clear way. Younger children are often taught these skills from a very young age in school simply because of the way the language is structured. Learning French gives you valuable skills for discussions and negotiations.

If you’ve hired one of Inlingua Utah’s French teachers in Salt Lake City, you will be getting an introduction to an incomparable cultural universe.The French language has so much cultural diversity to offer; you can find it in many great plays, poems, stories, artworks, and other artistic outlets. Being one of the Romantic languages, you can be sure to be blown away by how many cultural lessons you can learn simply by knowing how to speak French.

You can also add to this enhanced knowledge yourself by going to French exhibits. It may be possible there to have a guide tell you all about the history, story, and the meaning behind whatever you’re viewing. In fact, you can learn a lot about the history of the world simply by reading and listening to French storytellers. Some of history’s most important moments began and ended in the heart of Europe: France.

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