The Need for Certified Translations

Getting a translation of a document can be easy. Anyone with the ability to speak both languages can easily translate documents for you of any kind. But sometimes you have to have those documents certified. When you need certified translations you’re going to need someone with the appropriate certification.

There are many reasons you might need certified translations. Many legal documents need to be certified in order for them to be legally upheld in any court of law. Legal documents that might need to be certified include divorce decrees, lawsuits and/or settlements, or any other type of contract. If these documents are not certified they cannot be upheld by any other court of law in any other country or in any other language.

All legal documents must be official certified copies in order to be upheld by any court of law. For example, if your divorce decree says that you have custody of your children, the court in the new country cannot uphold that decree unless they have a certified official translated copy of the divorce decree. You can see how this could have a substantial effect on your life.

Other types of documents may also need certified translations. In order to attend college or university in a new country you have to be able to supply that school with transcripts from your previous schools or universities. These transcripts must nearly always be certified official copies. The fact that your transcripts are from another country does not exclude you from meeting the requirement of having official certified transcripts. This means that you have to get them translated by someone with appropriate certification so that the school will accept them as a part of your admission.

There are other times when certification is not necessary, but having professional and accurate translation is necessary. You want the very best translators for these projects, which means using certified translators. A great example of this type of needed translation might be medical records. You don’t have to legally have your medical records translated, but you do need them to be completely accurate so that your new doctors do not miss anything in your course of treatment because the records were translated in the wrong way.

We can easily handle any certified translations you need in your life. Our translators are well trained and certified. They know each language inside and out so that they can translate your documents exactly and accurately. There is no guesswork involved with our translations. They are all guaranteed to be 100 percent accurate. We will work on your project with the utmost confidence and help you get the results you need in a timely fashion.

Other translators might make the same claims, but they will not guarantee their work. They may hire inferior translators, or they may not offer certification of translated documents. With our translators you know that they have certification and can easily certify your translated documents so that they are legal and binding.

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