An Overview of Certified Translations

The best way to ensure your translations are accurate is to receive a certified translation. Certified translations include the original source language text, the translated target language text and a signed statement of the translating entity that the work is accurate and complete. These signatures may be notarized upon request, attesting that the translator believes their translation to be accurate. inlingua Utah provides certified translation services in Utah for a variety of language pairs. Unfortunately, many of us can recall a time when a translated document failed to make sense, or its instructions were too vague to be useful. In these times, the lack of proper translation yielded a loss in information, weakening the document’s integrity. In sensitive documents, failure to accurately translate information can lead to major problems with both legal and ethical consequences.

There are a number of reasons why you may require a certified translation, those being for business, legal, medical and other applications. If you seek a certified translation in Utah, inlingua Utah provides a source for accurate and punctual translations. Some of the primary reasons for why individuals may request a certified translation include: U.S. Immigration, Federal government documents, State Government documents, legal documents, regulatory documents and transcripts. For when accuracy is critical, certified translations offer the greatest degree of assurance.

Fast, high quality translations allow businesses with global operations to dispense information in multiple languages in a quick and cost effective manner. Some industries require documents be certified although the nature of their material is not sensitive, technical writing for example. The reason for these requirements is typically due to the importance of accuracy in dispensing instructive materials. Even the slightest error can be cause for major headaches down the line from usage of the incorrectly translated materials.

As a rule of thumb, many businesses have a strict policy requiring any and all translated documents to be certified. By certifying all of their translated documents, these companies are insuring their work’s accuracy each time. A major benefit to using certified translations is their acceptance by governing bodies as official documents. There is a great amount of liability involved with documents of legal and medical purpose, one proven method to protect your global operations is to standardize the certification of all inbound and outbound documents, regardless of their language.

Certified and skilled in house translators at inlingua Utah offer a great amount of value to its customers seeking certified translation in Utah. Although the process is intensive, turnaround times are low and delivery of work is timely. Perhaps the greatest aspect of inlingua Utah certified translation services is their commitment to the commitment to our clients. Our personalized customer service approach has been surpassing client expectations since 1996, and has afforded inlingua Utah global recognition for its work.

We hope that this brief overview of certified translations has been useful. If you are interested in receiving certified translations, please visit our website or give us a call at 1(801)355-3775

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