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Acculturation, NOT Assimilation.

Hispanics and other minority groups today have greater access to their country of origin than ever before. They are holding on to their culture while segueing into American society. In other words, they’re acculturating—embracing elements of their new country while maintaining their language and the cultural heritage they greatly value. For example:

  • Hispanic media has exploded in America providing Hispanics news and programming in every medium—in their own language
  • New communications technologies have made access far easier and less expensive than in the past to keep in touch with events, news, information and family living outside the United States

Transcreation, NOT Translation.

The most powerful persuasion of all is an appeal to emotions. Harnessing that power rarely occurs by simply translating advertisements from English to Spanish. It must start with knowing, understanding and living the Hispanic culture. We call it Transcreation.
Transcreation maintains the brand essence of a company and applies the appropriate cultural tonality and colloquialisms so it resonates with Hispanics. It assures that our work is in harmony with corporate direction, brand personality and product benefits while also incorporating important elements to the Hispanic community such as:

  • Appropriate tonality, rhythm, and colloquialisms
  • Proper Spanish free of slang or poor use of vocabulary
  • An understanding of cultural differences, needs, wants desires and buying behaviors
  • To communicate effectively, we cannot simply translate English communications into Spanish. We must initiate communications in Spanish. Ultimately, speaking to Hispanics in their native language improves communications and demonstrates sincerity, courtesy, interest and respect.

Inlingua Utah believes in the power of communications well executed.

  • Hispanic-centric strategic and creative services
  • Seasoned marketing savvy; experience in both Hispanic and domestic markets
  • Results-oriented; marketing is an investment with a measureable ROI
  • Full marketing resources, with great in-house capabilities
  • Extensive knowledge of the US Hispanic and other communities