Purposes for Certified Translations

Certified translations are necessary when a translation needs to be of the highest accuracy and performed by a professional, and there are many circumstances where they are necessary. Inlingua Utah is one of the few providers of certified translations in Salt Lake City that can provide you with translations in many different languages and for several different purposes, and you can rest assured that your translation needs will be taken care of in the timeframe that you need. Certified translations can be used for visa or immigration purposes, in court, or for other purposes. There are three parts of a certified translation, the source document, the translated document, and a certificate that shows that the target language translation is accurate.

There are several situations in which a certified translation may be needed

Some examples of situations in which a certified translation may be needed include marriage, business registrations, studying at a university, or others. A student may need to submit a translated document that proves their previous course qualifications if they plan on studying abroad or transferring to another university in another country. Marriages may require documents translated into the language of the country in which the marriage occurs such as birth certificates, prior divorce decrees, or other documents that need to be accurately translated and notarized. In order to register a business in a foreign country, business organizational documents may need to be translated including the certificate of incorporation, articles of incorporation, or other documents as required.

Certified translations must be handled by a professional translation company

There are several different purposes for certified translations, but they must be handled by a professional translation company in the majority of cases. This helps to ensure their accuracy and guarantees that the translations will be usable. If there are even small inaccuracies with the translation it can cause applications to be rejected or delays in other important business or personal events. Inlingua Utah is capable of handling all types of certified translations and can help you with any particular need that you have, and we have several translation experts with experience in most major languages who can certify any particular translation that you may need, and it is definitely important to work with an experienced and professional company.

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To learn more about how we can help you with your certified translation needs, contact Inlingua Utah today at 1.801.355.3775 for more information. We can help identify the best approach to obtaining the translations that you need in the timeframe that you need them finished in, and we can let you know how soon that we can complete your certified translations. Again it is important to work with an experienced and professional company with your certified translation, and we have several experienced staff members who can give you advice on what to do in your particular situation. We’ll answer any questions that you may have about your translation needs and we guarantee that we will provide you with accurate translations that you can use right away.

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