What Qualifications Are Required for a Certified Translation in Utah?


For a certified translation in Utah, you may be surprised to find that just about anyone can say they offer certified translation services. There’s no centrally governing body that oversees the quality or licensing of those who offer certified translation services. There are certified translators in every country and each country has its own set of translator organizations.

There are some respected organizations in the United States that offer a certification program, but when it comes down to actually purchasing a certified translation, finding a good option requires you to research the provider and determine what their background with certified translations are and their ability to perform them accurately.

So what exactly is a certified translation?

A certified translation is a translation that comes with an affidavit or a statement saying that the translation is complete and accurate “to the best of the translator’s ability and knowledge.” That is essentially it, and it may come with a signature as well. It is not the same as notarization which must be completed by a notary public.

You may need to have your translation notarized, which is a separate process. However if your translator is offering certified translation services, they will be able to handle the certification, and your translation will be accompanied by the affidavit that you need. In general, you can expect the highest quality level when purchasing a certified translation from any experienced provider, as they will usually spend more time double checking the translation and reviewing it.

Experience makes the difference

With any certified translation in Utah, experience is what truly makes the difference, so you’ll want to spend some time to find a little bit about your potential translator and talk to them if you can. At Inlingua Utah you can always talk to our translators whenever you want to find out about their specific experience with the languages you are translating. If you find that your potential certified translator has limited experience, you’ll almost always want to move on, as there can be a major issue if your translation doesn’t work out and unnecessary liability. You don’t want to have to pay for revisions or a second translation so be sure to choose an experienced provider.

We can meet with you anytime to discuss your requirements

Inlingua Utah is a leading provider of certified translations in Utah and throughout the United States. No matter where you are, you can order a certified translation from our website and have it emailed to you. We offer fast turnaround times as well as priority service if you need one completed in a shorter period of time. We have several translators available to meet with you and go over your requirements for a certified translation. We have also worked with several unique languages throughout the world and of course the most popular languages, so no matter what language you need to translate, we likely have a translate on our staff who can help you. So if you need an accurate certified translation contact us at 1-888-558-3775.



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