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Why inlingua Utah?

At Inlingua Utah you can choose from several different options for Spanish classes in Salt Lake City so that you can save the most money possible and find the perfect option for your unique needs. Our Spanish classes are fast, convenient and customized for your particular schedule.

You’ll be able to find the ideal option whether you’re looking for individual instruction, online classes, or group instruction. All of our classes are cost effective and designed to cater to your specific learning level, with individual instruction and online training both being flexible options for you.

No matter what your goals are with Spanish classes in Salt Lake City, you can find the perfect training option at Inlingua Utah at a price that you will be happy with.

Customized courses for your needs

You can scale up your training as required, so even the smallest of budgets can be used for Spanish training in Salt Lake City. There are options for you to choose an online self paced course at a low fee or you can arrange for a few individual lessons and scale them up once you need more.

Just one or two lessons can be a great way to get started with Spanish and pick up a lot of the fundamentals that you need. You’ll get to choose the exact training experience that you want, with plenty of individual instruction and guidance just the way that you need.

Combine your lessons with self-study

Combining your lessons with self-study is one of the best ways to learn the language, and you can definitely do that at Inlingua Utah. Ask your instructor for more information about how you can extend the value of your classes with self-study.

You’ll be able to take fewer classes than most other trainees while getting the same level of education by mixing self-study with your formal instruction. It’s one of the best ways to save money on Spanish classes in Salt Lake City but it definitely requires a level of discipline! Be ready to motivate yourself to learn the language. If you’re a highly motivated type anyway then it shouldn’t be too much of a problem to pick the language up with a combination of self-study and organized training.

Competitive pricing with world leading language training

There are few other providers in Utah that can give you the same high quality and focused professional language training compared to what you’ll get at Inlingua Utah. Our instructors are known throughout the world for being experts at their specific languages.

When you choose any of the courses at Inlingua Utah you can trust that your language instruction will be handled by one of the best teachers in the region. You’ll get the individualized attention that you need to learn the language, even if you choose a group course or online option. The pricing is also competitive as well compared many of the other top language institutions in the world, and you can get a free quote anytime by giving us a call at 1.888.558.3775.


Getting a certified translation in Utah isn’t that difficult when you choose a provider with the experience needed to create a high quality and accurate translation. You do have to be careful to choose the right provider with the necessary background to be able to handle your translation. Just about anyone can legally call themselves a certified translator, even if they have minimal experience, so you can’t assume that someone who advertises their certified translation service will be adequate just based on what they say. It’s always a good idea to do a little bit of research prior to hiring anyone for your next translation. You might avoid a potentially serious problem with your certified translation just by hiring the right person.

An experienced translator can cost you

Certified translations are often used for some of the most crucial purposes including medical records, legal documents, immigration papers and others. If there is just one error in the translation it can result in a potentially serious consequences such as a legal liability, improper medical diagnosis or treatment and other issues. If you are liable for the accuracy of your translation, or if it has any important purpose, you can’t choose a provider with a lower level of experience. So when you’re looking for a certified translation be sure to choose one with a strong background in the languages you need to translate as well as appropriate certified translation requirements.

Your certified translator should be able to explain their background

Your certified translator should also be able to tell you about their background and experience with certified translations so that you can get a good idea about whether or not they’ll be able to handle your translation. You almost always want to hire someone with several years of experience translating rather than someone who just started offering certified translations. You may even want to ask if they have any samples of their prior translations that don’t contain sensitive material. In any case, if your potential translator is unwilling to talk about their experience, the chances are that they may have something to hide, so it’s best to move onto a more experienced service provider even if they are more expensive.

Don’t try to save money in exchange for experience

Although you may run across some translators who are willing to save you a little money on their hourly or flat rate costs for a certified translation, it’s not worth it because of the potential legal problems or other issues that you may run into. Generally, certified translations are requested because they must be accurate to the highest degree possible, and if you go with a freelancer with limited experience or another company that doesn’t have an extensive track record, you might find yourself dealing with some serious problems if your translation is rejected. To avoid having to pay extra money for a second translation or the headaches that can come with an inaccurate certified translation, be sure to hire an experienced service provider like Inlingua Utah and don’t assume that someone will be suitable only because they are selling certified translation services.




Learning Spanish has many benefits as many current speakers will tell you. It can improve your job opportunities, actually improve cognition and brain functioning, and is one of the most widely spoken languages in the U.S. If you’re debating whether or not you should start learning Spanish, below are 5 of the top reasons to consider picking it up:

  1. Improve your career opportunities

Learning Spanish will help you to improve your career opportunities in many ways. You can very often increase the number of jobs you are eligible for and make significant advancements in your career by learning the language, especially if you work in a largely Spanish speaking area. If you plan on moving to an area with a large number of Spanish speakers you’ll also want to learn the language as much as you possibly can, to become at least partially fluent.

  1. Travel to Spanish speaking countries more easily

Although you can always travel to Spanish speaking countries without knowing the language, you’ll find that you can have a much more enjoyable experience if you take even a few lessons from a Salt Lake City Spanish teacher. You’ll be able to visit a greater range of countries than ever before and you’re guaranteed to have a more positive experience once you visit them as you’ll be able to speak with locals, read signs, menus and other language easily, and become more engaged with the local culture.

  1. Learn how to speak with millions of Americans

Learning Spanish will help you speak with millions of Americans throughout the United States, as Spanish is currently spoken by over 40 million people throughout the country, which represents about 13% of the population. The numbers of both native and second-language Spanish speakers is rapidly growing throughout the country, and you’ll be able to converse with these people anytime you visit any area with a large number of Spanish speakers.

  1. Improve your cognitive abilities

Studies have shown that those who are bilingual may have a lower risk of cognitive decline and have scored higher on certain cognitive studies compared to others who only speak one language. Speaking multiple languages may help you see the world in creative new ways, as different languages often express a concept that may just have one word in English with multiple words. In other cases, one word in a foreign language can have multiple meanings.

  1. It is fun and interesting

Spanish is considered to be one of the more fun and interesting languages to learn, especially if your native language is English. You can pick it up fairly quickly if you focus on learning it at a rapid pace, and there are a number of different training options based on the speed that you want to learn the language and your other requirements.

Hopefully one or more of these reasons have convinced you to hire a Salt Lake City Spanish teacher, and you can get more information about learning Spanish by visiting or by calling us at 1-801-355-3775.


If you’re currently looking to take a Spanish class in Salt Lake City, you’ll have multiple options available to you at Inlingua Utah depending on your needs and requirements. There are more flexible online courses that you can take which are very convenient if you don’t have much time as well as group classes and individual private lessons if you prefer those options as well. No matter what your experience level is with Spanish, we can find the perfect course option for you, even if you don’t live in the Utah area, and we can help you reach whatever goals that you may have with the language.

Professional language instruction online

You can get professional level language instruction on the internet with our online Spanish classes in Salt Lake City that are catered for your specific background. You will find that our classes are easy and designed for your particular experience level, whether you are just starting out with learning the language or have more of a background. You can choose a more accelerated online course if you only have a limited amount of time before your next job, or you can choose a course that will allow you to go at your preferred pace. Multiple options exist depending on your unique requirements, and you’ll find that our online courses are very flexible and affordable as well.

Quality private lessons for whatever you need

We offer private lessons from some of our top Spanish teachers where you can also choose a more accelerated course format or something more gradual. The private lessons offer a great way to get focused and attentive instruction on the specific areas of Spanish that you need the most work on. You’ll be able to interact with your instructor on a regular basis and also practice speaking the language. The areas that you need the most improvement on will be focused on so that you learn the language in as little time as possible. You will also be impressed at the relatively affordable cost of our private lessons compared to many of the other options that you may find in Utah.

Interactive group courses at our institute

Our group courses are among the best in the state of Utah, and we offer a wide range of different options throughout the year that are set at convenient times depending on your schedule. Our group Spanish classes in Salt Lake City can guarantee that you learn the language in a fun and exciting setting where you’ll be able to practice and enjoy it. Our group classes are designed for people of all Spanish speaking levels, and there are classes available for both beginners and those with more experience. They offer a good combination of affordability combined with live instruction, and if you live in the Salt Lake City area they are a top choice for learning Spanish quickly.

You can get more information about all of our different course instruction options and speak to our experienced professionals at



For a certified translation in Utah, you may be surprised to find that just about anyone can say they offer certified translation services. There’s no centrally governing body that oversees the quality or licensing of those who offer certified translation services. There are certified translators in every country and each country has its own set of translator organizations.

There are some respected organizations in the United States that offer a certification program, but when it comes down to actually purchasing a certified translation, finding a good option requires you to research the provider and determine what their background with certified translations are and their ability to perform them accurately.

So what exactly is a certified translation?

A certified translation is a translation that comes with an affidavit or a statement saying that the translation is complete and accurate “to the best of the translator’s ability and knowledge.” That is essentially it, and it may come with a signature as well. It is not the same as notarization which must be completed by a notary public.

You may need to have your translation notarized, which is a separate process. However if your translator is offering certified translation services, they will be able to handle the certification, and your translation will be accompanied by the affidavit that you need. In general, you can expect the highest quality level when purchasing a certified translation from any experienced provider, as they will usually spend more time double checking the translation and reviewing it.

Experience makes the difference

With any certified translation in Utah, experience is what truly makes the difference, so you’ll want to spend some time to find a little bit about your potential translator and talk to them if you can. At Inlingua Utah you can always talk to our translators whenever you want to find out about their specific experience with the languages you are translating. If you find that your potential certified translator has limited experience, you’ll almost always want to move on, as there can be a major issue if your translation doesn’t work out and unnecessary liability. You don’t want to have to pay for revisions or a second translation so be sure to choose an experienced provider.

We can meet with you anytime to discuss your requirements

Inlingua Utah is a leading provider of certified translations in Utah and throughout the United States. No matter where you are, you can order a certified translation from our website and have it emailed to you. We offer fast turnaround times as well as priority service if you need one completed in a shorter period of time. We have several translators available to meet with you and go over your requirements for a certified translation. We have also worked with several unique languages throughout the world and of course the most popular languages, so no matter what language you need to translate, we likely have a translate on our staff who can help you. So if you need an accurate certified translation contact us at 1-888-558-3775.



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