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Strategic Planning/Research

Arrive at an understanding
inlingua Utah Research offers full-service market research capabilities, including extensive secondary and primary research experience. Our research objective is simple: Deeply understand your consumers to reach them more effectively in a way that is meaningful and relevant to their lives. Despite much of the sky-is-falling rhetoric about the difficulty of reaching the new wave of inattentive and bombarded consumers, these consumers do still want to be reached — as long as the messages work within their lifestyles. Research is the key to bridging gaps between business strategy and consumer action.

Secondary Research

Secondary research consists of in-depth exploration of factors and trends affecting client industries, products and consumer sets through previously conducted research and reports. inlingua Utah utilizes a number of professional research services to collect this secondary information, including Forrester Research, Yankelovich, Hispanic Market Weekly, Hoover’s and others. Secondary research reports typically include components such as industry situation analyses, consumer profiles, market drivers and opportunities, market challenges and barriers, competitive evaluation, media presence of industry, assessment of common industry advertising/marketing techniques and market forecasts.

Primary Research

In addition to secondary research, inlingua Utah Research facilitates and specializes in comprehensive primary research, helping clients delve into the mindsets and lifestyles of current and potential consumers. Our primary research capabilities include quantitative and qualitative research. Quantitative abilities include online surveys, phone surveys, online pulse polling and mail surveys. Qualitative abilities include traditional and online focus groups, traditional and online in-depth personal interviews, phone interviews, tagalongs, intercepts and ethnographies