Taking French Classes in Salt Lake City to Build Your Resume Credentials

Writing a powerful resume that makes you stand out from the crowd has never been easy. Most people forget that this is the marketing document that will get you the job- or not. You must remember to highlight those points that are salient to your career goals.

A Resume That Won’t Get Filtered Out

In today’s tech driven world, it’s important to have a modern resume. It’s critical to optimize your resume for both human readers and electric scanning systems that simply look for key phrases when they shortlist candidates. Today, most resumes get filtered out by keywords before it even reaches a human reader. You need to ensure that every element of your resume is right, including the content, the design, and the layout.

The Extra Language Section

Adding all your qualifications besides your professional ones can boost your resume. An extra language has been one of those key skills that a lot of employers look for, and it is rarely filtered out. If you added French as an added skill, you will open yourself to a host of other opportunities.

It will also allow you to market yourself as a “Bilingual Sales Specialist” or some other comparable job title. This will instantly distinguish you from any other candidates.

If you are applying for jobs that require French, you should make sure you highlight the fact that you can speak and write French very early on in the resume and in the interview.

If you need to brush up on your language skills, you should enroll in French classes in Salt Lake City at Inlingua. They have specially qualified language teachers who can tailor a French course to your level and needs.

Where is Language Specified?

What is the best way to highlight your French skills on your resume? The most obvious section to add your French proficiency is in the skills section. If French is a requirement for the job you are applying for, make sure that you mention this in other sections, like education and professional experience. If you spent time in a foreign school where you learned the language, highlight this in your resume too. It also strengthens your skill set if you had any experience working, traveling or volunteering in a foreign country. Sprinkling this through the resume will help the machines and the recruiters see that you have the right language qualifications.

If you have only an intermediate level of knowledge, make that clear in your resume. If you are not entirely sure, talk to one of the French tutors at Inlingua in Salt Lake City. They will be able to assess your level and tell you what is appropriate to put on your resume.

Besides adding this language skill to your resume, make sure you update your Linkedin profile as well. There are a few places on the site that you can do this. Linkedin is your online resume. Tt would be in your best interest to keep this updated and optimized too as a lot of recruiters scan Linkedin for potential candidates.

You can sharpen your skills and land the perfect job through foreign language courses. Local courses, in particular, offer you the flexibility to learn more and obtain this valuable personal asset.

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