Top 5 Benefits of Learning Spanish Online at Inlingua Utah 

Since Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world, it would make sense that this is the language to learn for English speakers. It has the fastest growing number of language speakers in the US and is expected to be the most spoken language by 2050. This will make America the biggest Spanish speaking nation on Earth. Why not get ahead of the curve and start learning Spanish now.

1. Learning Spanish is fun

Learning a new language is fun. When you take Spanish classes in Salt Lake City, you get to meet other like minded people who have the same interest too. Not only will you gain a new language, you will have a new group of friends to practice speaking it with too.

  1. Transform your business world

Being able to converse in Spanish with new business partners creates a new dynamic to your business relationship. Spanish speaking people appreciate when you make the extra effort to understand them and their culture. Speaking even the most basic conversational Spanish will endear you to them. It may help you close that deal with less effort too.

With Spanish, you have opened up your business to the non-English speaking Latino market in Utah. Previously, if you can’t communicate with them, there is little chance of creating a business relationship. Now you can breach that gap and start targeting a new set of clients.

  1. Opening up the world of travel

You can travel anywhere in the Spanish speaking world without knowing a single word of the language but it would make a massive difference if you did speak the language.

Your travels will be much richer when you can converse with locals, hear their stories and ask more in depth questions. Relying on poor quality translations and using under qualified guides are often not the best way to see the sights of a new country. Usually, these guides leave out a lot of pertinent information, especially when the information is translated.
When you can speak the local language, you can ask for better rates and not get ripped off. Eating at local restaurants, you will have a more authentic experience by being able to ask for the more exotic local dishes.

  1. Train your brain against Alzheimer’s

The most recent studies on the brain of people with Alzheimer’s has shown that consistent learning can change the brain’s structure and chemistry.
A study on a group of nuns over a few decades has shown that even though the nuns’ brains show signs of deterioration, they didn’t show any outward signs of Alzheimer’s. Medically, they have not worked out the reasons why yet but they suspect it is because the nuns were constantly learning new things. So the initial conclusion is that learning is using the brain in a way that prevents Alzheimer symptoms from forming.

  1. Get better job opportunities

In this ever increasing more international world, you need more and more weapons at your disposal. Having a second or even third language makes you a more valuable employee. You will find that there are a lot more opportunities available to you. Usually, these jobs will include a higher salary too as you are considered to be a valuable asset to the company.

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