Top 5 Reasons You Should Learn French

The beautiful French language seems to slip off the tongues of its speakers as a form of art in and of itself. With so many French speakers in the United States you may be considering learning it for yourself. Here are five reasons why you should learn French.

#1. French is a language for higher education. French universities are ranked very high amongst the best places for learning around the globe. By learning French, the number of top quality higher education institutions which you may attend increases, and is useful if you are looking for an international fit. With the help of a French teacher in Salt Lake City, you too can enjoy the beauty of the French language.

#2. French is a global language with more than 200 million speakers. With prominence in five continents, learning French increases your communicative abilities around the globe, opening new doors for opportunity. As a major language for business, French speakers can more easily interact with businesspeople in a great variety of countries.

#3. If you are looking to travel somewhere new, knowing French increases the number of countries you may visit, while understanding the language of its people. Perhaps the greatest appreciation of languages comes from traveling to regions where the language is more prominent, or even the sole form of communication around. By interacting with locals, your international trip will be transformed into an entirely new experience, not possible without knowing French. Knowing the language of the region means you can travel with ease, reading directions, road signs, menus and more, all with the safety of being able to communicate with others if the need arises.

#4. French is a very fun language to learn, and something that can be done with the help of a teacher quite easily. By working with a French teacher in Salt Lake City you will experience the fun associated with the challenging task of learning a new language. One of the challenges typically associated with learning a new language is the difficulty in correct pronunciation; however, pronunciations in French are some of the most fun you will find around the globe.

#5. Gaining access to the language of love and reason. With Latin roots, French is an undeniably beautiful language and very fun to use when in conversation with peers. As a smooth language, French flows very nicely from one sentence to the next. A typical French conversation can sound like a poem to native English speakers, given its effortless nature. With aged roots, learning French can make the learning of additional language easier, although that is something you can only consider after accepting the challenge of learning French firstly!

This short list comprises just some of the reasons why you should learn French. By using French teachers in Salt Lake City you will begin speaking the most unique Romance language in no time. Give our team at inlingua Utah a call at 1(801)355-3775 to learn more about what our French teachers have to offer.

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