The Top 5 Reasons for Learning Spanish


Learning Spanish has many benefits as many current speakers will tell you. It can improve your job opportunities, actually improve cognition and brain functioning, and is one of the most widely spoken languages in the U.S. If you’re debating whether or not you should start learning Spanish, below are 5 of the top reasons to consider picking it up:

  1. Improve your career opportunities

Learning Spanish will help you to improve your career opportunities in many ways. You can very often increase the number of jobs you are eligible for and make significant advancements in your career by learning the language, especially if you work in a largely Spanish speaking area. If you plan on moving to an area with a large number of Spanish speakers you’ll also want to learn the language as much as you possibly can, to become at least partially fluent.

  1. Travel to Spanish speaking countries more easily

Although you can always travel to Spanish speaking countries without knowing the language, you’ll find that you can have a much more enjoyable experience if you take even a few lessons from a Salt Lake City Spanish teacher. You’ll be able to visit a greater range of countries than ever before and you’re guaranteed to have a more positive experience once you visit them as you’ll be able to speak with locals, read signs, menus and other language easily, and become more engaged with the local culture.

  1. Learn how to speak with millions of Americans

Learning Spanish will help you speak with millions of Americans throughout the United States, as Spanish is currently spoken by over 40 million people throughout the country, which represents about 13% of the population. The numbers of both native and second-language Spanish speakers is rapidly growing throughout the country, and you’ll be able to converse with these people anytime you visit any area with a large number of Spanish speakers.

  1. Improve your cognitive abilities

Studies have shown that those who are bilingual may have a lower risk of cognitive decline and have scored higher on certain cognitive studies compared to others who only speak one language. Speaking multiple languages may help you see the world in creative new ways, as different languages often express a concept that may just have one word in English with multiple words. In other cases, one word in a foreign language can have multiple meanings.

  1. It is fun and interesting

Spanish is considered to be one of the more fun and interesting languages to learn, especially if your native language is English. You can pick it up fairly quickly if you focus on learning it at a rapid pace, and there are a number of different training options based on the speed that you want to learn the language and your other requirements.

Hopefully one or more of these reasons have convinced you to hire a Salt Lake City Spanish teacher, and you can get more information about learning Spanish by visiting or by calling us at 1-801-355-3775.

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