Top 5 Spanish Speaking Countries to Travel To

Spanish is a rich and wonderful language. To improve your skills, you can study our Spanish courses in Salt Lake City and even visit the top 5 Spanish speaking travel destinations based on number of Spanish speakers.

1. Mexico:

Mexico is the top most populated Spanish talking nation on the planet with a total population of more than119,530,753. The capital of Mexico is Mexico City, the largest city in the nation. Here you can visit the ancient ruins, visit Tequila, explore Jalisco, swim in the Riviera Maya, and get a chance to enjoy the food of this nation.

2. The United States:

Although Spanish isn’t the official dialect of the United States, it is widely spoken. The US doesn’t have an official dialect, however the quantity of Spanish speakers in the US makes it the second biggest Spanish speaking nation, after Mexico. It is estimated that more than 52 million individuals in the US communicate in Spanish (42 million talk it as a local dialect and the other 11 million are bilingual).

In case you want to encounter Latino culture without leaving the US, you can visit the California States, New Mexico, Florida, Arizona, and Texas. These states have enormous Spanish speaking networks which will help you to learn the language even faster.

3. Colombia:

This nation has a population of 48,400,388 and it holds the fourth biggest economy in Latin America. The capital is Bogotá. Colombia is a standout amongst the most linguistically, ethnically, and ecologically diverse nations on the planet. A portion of the best activities include visiting coffee roasters, appreciating a portion of the best coffee in the planet, and trekking through the tropical woods and national parks.

4. Spain

The population of Spain is smaller than Colombia’s with 47,737,941 occupants. The capital city of Spain is additionally the biggest city in the nation, Madrid. Activities here include The Alhambra (so well known and wonderful you need to purchase tickets not less than 60 days before your visit), the Sagrada Familia church in Barcelona, and the sangria and tapas.

5. Argentina has a population of 43,417,000. The capital city of Argentina is Buenos Aires. One of the best activities in Argentina is a visit to the Teatro Colón or Colon Theater, a classic old theater, thought of as one of the main five best on the planet.

Before visiting any of these top Spanish speaking countries, it’s a good idea to take lessons at Inlingua Utah so you can get along with the locals, get around easily, and avoid having to rely on translators.

We offer a variety of Spanish courses in Salt Lake City depending on your particular needs. We have worked with students from all backgrounds and can get you acquainted with the language quickly so that you can get the most out of your travel experience.

No matter what your goals are with Spanish or traveling, we’ll help you get familiar with Spanish and teach you as needed. We are flexible with our Spanish courses in Salt Lake City and will work with you to accomplish your goals no matter what they are.

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