Top 5 Unique French Speaking Countries to

Did you know that the French language is an official language in almost 30 countries globally? This doesn’t even account for half of where it is spoken unofficially.

Half of the world’s French speakers occupy the Western and Central African parts of the continent. It is estimated that the population of French speakers could rise even higher to about 750 million come the year 2060, comparing a figure of about 350 million French speakers today.

Here are the top 5 unique and most interesting French speaking countries to travel to.

1.) Madagascar

Found on the South Eastern part of the African continent, this beautiful island is a top destination. Madagascar is Africa’s largest Island and is known for its unique wildlife species- especially the birds. The island proudly houses the famous lemurs- one of the only places in the world- thanks to its isolated geographical location. The island occupants speak both French and Malagasy. The blend of these two languages makes the island an interesting place to visit.

2.) Belgium

One interesting fact about this country is that about half of the population actually speaks French! French speakers are concentrated in Belgium cities, such as Brussels and Wallonia. Many of the writings here are printed in French language.

3.) Senegal

Found to the Eastern side of the Atlantic Ocean, this rural and isolated country is not widely known. The country is home to some of West Africa’s best seafood, and the best sandy beaches on the continent. French is the official language in Senegal, although some indigenous languages are also still present. The rare language, Wolof, is also still spoken. So when visiting Senegal don’t forget also to learn some Wolof terms!

4.) Seychelles

Did you know that Seychelles is comprised of a record-breaking 115 islands? This small paradise, located in the Indian Ocean, has natural beaches and national parks that you will come to love. This French speaking country has the smallest population compared to other African states. The country also has no indigenous population; rather it is comprised of a multi-ethnic community.

5.) Vanuatu

Completing our list of the top 5 French speaking countries to travel to is Vanuatu. This beautiful island is located in the Pacific Ocean and comprises of a total of 80+ islands. It has 3 official languages, with French being the main one. The island is famously known for its active volcanoes in the recent past, making the country ideal for various mountain activities. Other languages spoken on the island include Bislama and English.

Try visiting the above top 5 French speaking countries and enjoy their rich French-influenced cultures.

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