The Top Reasons to Learn French

If you’ve been thinking about learning French, you definitely should. You have nothing to lose and everything, including fluency in a beautiful new language, to gain. There’s tons of reasons why you should take a French class in Salt Lake City, but we’ve broken them down for you:

1) Class availability

There are a ton of available French classes in Salt Lake City! You won’t have to worry about travelling to other cities to go to class or having to deal with massive, impersonal online classes. You’ll get local personalization and help!

2) It’s a world language

French is an extremely popular language that is spoken worldwide. Across five continents, over 200 million people in the world are French speakers. The Francophonie, is made up of 68 governments and countries. After English, French is the second most commonly learned foreign language and the 9th most spoken language in the world

3) It’s a language that is useful in the job market

By being fluent in both English and French, it opens the door for you into the international job market. The knowledge you’ll gain of French and the culture of France will allow you to work for French companies and companies in French speaking countries like Switzerland, Canada, Belgium, and multiple parts of Africa.

4) It’s a language of beautiful culture

French is known as the international language of all things cultural – fashion, theatre, the visual arts, cooking, architecture, and dance. By taking a French class in Salt Lake City and being fluent in French, you gain access to French films, songs, and great works of literature in the original language, the way it was created to be.

5) It’s a language of travel opportunities

France is extremely popular for tourists. It attracts over 70 million people each year. Travelling from Paris to the mild climate of the Cote d’Azur to the snow-covered peaks of the Alps by the rugged coastline of Brittany is a lot more enjoyable when you’re familiar with the culture and the language and don’t have to rely on translators or French natives who speak English to get around. But the travel opportunities aren’t just limited to France. Your new-found French skills will come in handy in Canada, Monaco, Africa, the Seychelles, Switzerland, and plenty of other places.

6) It’s a language of fun and love

French is a language that is easy and fun to learn, and it won’t take long at all until you reach a level where you can communicate in French. If children find learning French fun and enjoyable, you definitely can too. Learning French at a French class in Salt Lake City is especially fun because it’s such a rich, melodious, beautiful language. There’s a reason why it’s often called the language of love.

7) It’s a language that opens up the world

French is the third most used language on the internet, after English and German. French is spoken more on the internet than Spanish is. An ability to understand and communicate in French gives you a way to connect with French speakers, French friends, French opportunities, and French jobs all over the world.

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