The Top Reasons to Learn Spanish

If you’ve been thinking about learning Spanish, you definitely should. You have nothing to lose and everything, including fluency in an interesting, widespread new language, to gain. There’s tons of reasons why you should take a Spanish class in Salt Lake City, but we’ve broken them down for you:

1) You can learn Spanish locally!

Instead of dealing with expensive, boring online programs or having to travel to go to your language class, you can take one of the fun options for a Spanish class in Salt Lake City!

2) Learning Spanish will help you keep up with popular culture

In today’s world, Spanish culture is getting more and more popular, from Spanish telenovelas and soap operas to the old Taco Bell commercial with the Taco Bell dog. By knowing Spanish, you can actively be involved in Spanish popular culture before it moves into the English speaking world.

3) Learning Spanish can help you medically

Research shows that by being bilingual and actively using both languages, your chances of developing dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease, go down. Other studies have revealed that studying languages can improve your memory and slow age-related deterioration of your mind. Why wouldn’t you want to help your brain while having fun learning a new language?

4) Learning Spanish will help you in the business world

Learning Spanish will allow you to communicate with members of the Spanish business market, thus opening the door for Spanish business opportunities or employment. By learning Spanish, you can practically double the size of your business market. If you’re bilingual, you’re automatically more marketable and more valuable than your monolingual counterparts, which also makes it easier to get and keep jobs. Who wouldn’t want that?

5) Spanish is a popular language used all over the world

In the United States alone, there are well over thirty five million Spanish speakers, and the amount is only going to continue growing as time goes on, as the Hispanic population of the United States is expected to increase exponentially in the coming years. With over 400 million speakers worldwide, Spanish is the fourth most widely spoken language in the world. Spanish is everywhere, and it won’t be going away any time soon. Learning Spanish and becoming bilingual means the opportunity to communicate with a group of people that are constantly growing, and this will only open up more opportunities for you.

6) Learning Spanish will expand your world through travel

While travelling a Spanish speaking country is definitely possible if you know no Spanish, but it’s so much more fun when you know the language and don’t have to rely on translators or Spanish natives who also speak English. You’ll be able to travel the country as a local rather than a tourist.

7) Learning Spanish is fun!

You’ll be able to connect with new people in a new language, and you’ll also be able to read new books, watch new movies, and listen to new music in the original language the way they were created to be. Learning Spanish at a Spanish class in Salt Lake City is easy, fun, and extremely beneficial. Who wouldn’t want to learn it? We’d love to see you at one of our Spanish class in Salt Lake City at Inlingua!

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