Top Tips for Learning Spanish

Regardless of whether you’re learning from a Spanish teacher in Salt Lake City or not, everyone who is learning Spanish could use some tips to improve. Check out these awesome tips to help you learn Spanish!

1) Don’t expect it to be flawless

You’re learning a completely new language, with new rules, new parts of speech, new words, and new formats. It’s not going to be perfect right away, and that’s okay. Just make sure you keep practicing!

2) Practice speaking Spanish out loud

When practicing Spanish, it’s extremely helpful to practice by speaking the language out loud. Studying and learning the grammar rules are vitally important, but unless you actively practice speaking the words and sentences out loud at a normal, conversational volume, you’ll never learn the proper pronunciation of the words or the proper flow of the sentence.

3) Use flashcards

Go back to your school days and make some flashcards! By writing the English on one side and the Spanish on the other, and by making the cards small enough to carry around with you, you can make any time study time. Even if it’s only a few minutes of otherwise wasted time, like waiting for the bus, riding the bus, standing in line, or waiting for a class to start, you can use it to study and improve your Spanish skills.

4) Label the things around you

To help yourself study, label all of the things around your house with their Spanish terms. Put labels on your walls that say la pared (or wall), label your desk with el escritorio, etc. Make yourself keep the labels on the products until you’ve memorized and mastered the related vocabulary.

5) Be patient and keep trying

When learning a brand new language, your progress is not going to be constant. Sometimes you’ll find yourself breezing through words and reading material, and other times you’ll find yourself struggling for hours to understand a single sentence. This is completely normal, and even though it can be difficult to deal with, just be patient and keep trying to move forward, and you’ll get past it and continue learning. If you find yourself getting stuck, review things you already know and try again.

6) Read Spanish out loud

Just like speaking Spanish out loud is beneficial for learning pronunciations and the flow of sentences, reading Spanish literature or other Spanish reading material out loud can broaden your vocabulary and assist you in the pronunciation of words that are both familiar and unfamiliar.

7) Join a Spanish class in Salt Lake City!

Forget about having to travel out of town to go to Spanish class or having to join a massive, impersonal online Spanish program. By joining learning from a Spanish teacher in Salt Lake City at Inlingua, you won’t have to travel far to go to class, you’ll get personalized, localized treatment, and you’ll have access to a local, professional, helpful Spanish teacher in Salt Lake City. Choosing a local Spanish teacher in Salt Lake City is the only logical way to learn Spanish.

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