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Translation & Localization

Founded in 1996, inlingua Utah is a language company evolving with the way the world communicates by helping connect with target audiences via multiple avenues. Our expertise includes translation and localization services, language training and Hispanic community outreach. Whether your audience is global or a diverse local community, we successfully help achieve your language needs.

Translation Services

  • 20 years of experience in professional translation, in nearly any language.
  • Expertise includes websites, subtitling, marketing, technical, legal and medical documents.

Audio, Video & Localization

  • Localization goes beyond translation by adapting the message to make sure it is sensitive to and matches the culture and language of the target audience.
  • Experience includes web localization, audio & talent selection, recording services, marketing and training videos and product demos.

Hispanic Community Outreach

  • Outreach through market research and focus groups, to gain insight into the needs and desires of a specific demographic within the Hispanic community.
  • Recruitment of Hispanic professionals.
  • Manage client’s communication within the diverse Hispanic community (Social media, event planning, etc.)

 We are big enough to handle every language requirement but still small enough to provide exceptional personalized service. 

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What Our Clients Say

  • If you think learning is fun then inlingua Utah is the right place for you. All the team members do not hesitate to help in any way. Teachers have the freedom to chose topics and resources to teach the students according to the curriculum and their level of understanding.

    Mary Kadarusman – Indonesian Teacher
  • I have been working with inlingua Utah for less than a year but have grown to know the company as a professional organization that obtains results. The people are trustworthy and are now friends so joining inlingua was an easy decision. Their employees share the same values of hard work and creativity. I have received the opportunity to meet many wonderful people and students.

    Esmat Elquanni – Arabic Teacher
  • inlingua Utah supplies and creates a great learning environment with the staff, ready to immerse one completely in any culture, no matter the level.

    Anthony S. – Indonesian Student
  • My classes at inlingua Utah are always a combination of fun and rigor. I love it when students comment, ‘We were enjoying ourselves so much, we didn’t realize how hard you were pushing us.’ We have all the tools here that we need to succeed: friendly, attentive staff, current technology and worldf-class resources.

    Benjamin Smith – English Teacher