What are the Benefits of Learning French?


There are both functional and intellectual benefits of learning French, this article will discuss some of the wonderful benefits of learning French as well as explain why you should consider learning it yourself. The value to learning French comes from both the usefulness of the French language and also the mental capacities you will develop in doing so. It is known that the more languages you possess, the easier it is to communicate both in your native language and the language which you have decided to learn.

Learning French increases your ability to multitask. Due to the complex nature of learning new languages, your mind must adapt to these new sounds and interpreting those sounds as quickly as possible. For a person to become fluent in a language their mind must subject itself to the demanding study of learning the language. Since there is a lot of things to remember in order to speak French, speakers will find that their memory and ability to associate information improves over time. Speaking a second language is an exercise for your brain, each time you speak French you will be “working out” your brain in a sense, and giving it the practice it needs to improve functionality. There have been a number of studies conducted to confirm that both information retention and ability to recall things improves when learning a second language.

Another major benefit to learning French is that you will be able to speak with native French speakers to develop either your business or personal life. If you engage in international business it is critical to speak the language of a country’s people. By learning French you improve your ability to do business by opening the door to 29 various countries which use French as their official language. Perhaps the greatest benefit you will find is the ability to develop deep personal relationships with French speakers. If you decide to visit a French speaking region you can interact with the people as if they were neighbors of yours in Salt Lake City. It is really cool to be able to make these relationships possible all by learning a new language.

Travel can become addicting once you learn a new language! With your newfound abilities you can travel to French speaking countries and interact with their culture, getting the full experience possible. Traveling to these countries without the ability to speak French limits you in how much you can learn about the country and how easy it is to learn. There is only so much you can do as an English speaker in a foreign country, as the amount of people that speak your language dwindles quickly after stepping foot in international countries.

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