What is a Certified Translation?


If you need to have materials translated and are interested in ensuring their accuracy, a certified translation may be perfect for you. With any other facet of business, your materials need to be accurate and represent the professionalism your clients will find in the other areas of working with you. Whether your materials in need of translation are for business, legal, medical or personal uses, the only way to rest assured knowing your translation is accurate is to obtain a certified translation. In this article we will cover some of the reasons why you should use a certified translation service and what the uses are for certified translated materials.

A certified translation in the United States must include three elements in order for it to be considered an official certified translation. The document must be supplied in the original text’s language, known as the source document. The second document that must accompany the delivered materials is the translated material itself, found in the target language. The third item most critical to the certification is an affidavit signed by the translation service which confirms the document’s accuracy, also notarized by a notary public. This step creates a record of the translation, which the translator may use to attest to its accuracy. There are a number of documents which must be certified prior to submission to a governing body in the United States. For these areas of government, it is crucial for them to see that the translated document they are reviewing has a specific translator which attests to its accuracy. If these personal or business documents were inaccurately translated there is a change for the wrong information to be submitted to the government, something we all want to avoid.

The number one reason for requiring a translation be certified is for use in business. When your business operates at the international playing field there is no room for error. One of the major steps to developing an international business is developing materials for the people of the region to understand. For example, if you manage a business in the United States and are interested in developing your international presence in France, you will need to have both internal procedural documents and records as well as external items such as marketing materials translated into French. Established businesses can also benefit greatly from using certified translations, by increasing the accuracy of the materials distributed around the world. When rolling out new materials to international locations and partners, it is critical for the translations to be accurate so that the same understanding is created across the business.

Another major reason for obtaining a certified translation is for the area of law, by use by law firms and attorneys. Certified translations are, as noted above, the most accurate of their kind and can be relied upon when accuracy is of utmost importance. The global development of business and personal relations must be done in a clear way, only possible when translations are fully accurate and able to be understood by the target language audience. If you are interested in having a certified translation completed, visit our website at http://www.inlinguautah.com/ to learn more about Inlingua Utah and what we can offer you!

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