Where You Can Use Multiple Languages in the United States

Did you think that as long as you remained within the borders of the United States you might never need to learn how to speak another language? Well, it is time to lose that notion altogether. America is becoming more multi-lingual by the year and it is visible in everything from the increased number of translation services popping up across the country to the interactions you may have with persons who do not speak English at any time as you go about your daily routine. However, what follows are some of the most common areas you are sure to find a language other than English being spoken and you might consider taking Spanish classes in Salt Lake City because of these areas.

The Bank

Many banks now offer services in multiple languages. While it is true that Spanish is the second most common language spoken in the United States, everything from Japanese to Arabic and more may be displayed. That is why it would be important for you to take Spanish classes in Salt Lake City. It is be helpful to be able to read even some of the most basic words found everywhere from deposit slips to the ATM that appear in several languages. To learn more contact Inlingua Utah to learn about a Spanish class in Salt Lake City.


No matter where you are in America almost every bathroom now identifies itself and its services in multiple languages starting with Spanish. If you take the time to notice, hand dryers, paper towel dispensers, soap and water are just a few of the items that are now marked in English and Spanish as well as other languages. If you speak English only – take the time to notice the spelling and pronunciation. You never can tell when you may need to know this information.

Television, Films and Media Sources

Nearly every media resource now makes their information available in multiple languages. Today there are Spanish, Arabic and Asian language television and radio stations that cater to this particular segment of the population here in the United States. But, additionally, many media have translation services that provide a running closed caption of the words that are being said. Frankly, this is a great way to begin to understand what it is like to speak and read a different language altogether. However, if you want to become adept in a second language consider taking Spanish classes in Salt Lake City. It is well worth the time and effort.


Not only has the type of restaurant changed in the United States to now include cuisine from around the world, but the menus are often written in multiple languages so that people who are not native to this country can come into an eatery and not feel out of place because they can’t read the menus. It is a great place to get a better idea of what it is like to speak and hear non-English speaking people. Try to imagine yourself in their place and you can start to appreciate the importance of learning another language!

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