Why Learn Another Language?

The professionals at Inlingua Utah get asked that question on a regular basis! After all, most people will argue, English is the main language spoken in the United States and for many of us that is adequate because we will never travel beyond the borders of this country.

However, the truth is that multiple languages are increasingly being heard and used in America as we become a nation of immigrants from around the world. And, where it has always been standard practice for those who enter our country to learn English, this idea is being met with some question. Perhaps, in the eyes of many, it is time we adapt to a multilingual state. Our Spanish teachers in Salt Lake City can help you with this.

While, it seems unlikely that this will happen, that doesn’t mean it isn’t valuable to learn another language nonetheless. More and more you are likely to run into people for whom English is a second language, and as such it would be helpful and inviting if you were able to converse in their language.

To be sure, Spanish is the most popular and common language currently being spoken in the United States next to English. All along the southern borders of this country there is a regular mix of people from Spanish descent living and working alongside native English speaking Americans. Moreover, there are second and third generation families for whom it is common to speak Spanish in the home and English in public – or when necessary. Who hasn’t been in a restaurant, retail shop or café and overheard Spanish being spoken?

Inlingua Utah is here to help you. We have Spanish classes in Salt Lake City for those who are interested in learning how to speak this very popular language that is used in dozens of countries around the world. The Spanish teachers in Salt Lake City at our facility are certified and expert in the field of education. They have years of experience working with the English speaking public of all ages. They know how to use technology to enhance the learning process and make it interesting, exciting and manageable. They also explain how and where you may use the language to your benefit.

For example, there are more and more job opportunities for people who are bilingual or multilingual. Business, industry, government, education and other areas are all finding they have an increasing need for people who are able to provide certified translation services. The reason for this is simple, our world has become nothing more than a global village and where once a person might go their whole lives without ever running into someone who spoke another language – today it happens frequently.

So, contact Inlingua Utah. We are here to help you understand the value of learning a beautiful new language. In the end, it’s good for your mind, and perhaps it will help in your personal and professional life. Our goal is to see to it that new doors of opportunity open for you and our Spanish teachers in Salt Lake City can help.

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