Why Learn Spanish Before Traveling?


Traveling abroad can be very excited, especially if you are going to somewhere new. By learning Spanish prior to traveling abroad, you can improve your experience ten-fold, due to your newfound ability to immerse yourself in the culture. Spanish is an incredibly complex language and although you can learn a few commonly used phrases, the complexity of the language demands that you dedicate yourself to studies to make the most of your learning. Taking Spanish classes in Salt Lake City from inlingua Utah will improve your language learning experience, making it easier and faster than if conducted on your own. In this article we will discuss some reasons why you should learn Spanish before traveling.

If you know someone that has traveled to one of the over twenty countries which have Spanish as their country’s official language, they can attest to how powerful it is to know Spanish for your trip, traveling to a region without knowing its language can be dangerous. If you are unable to read directions, speak with government officials or even worse find food, you may be in a very precarious position. By learning Spanish you can travel more freely, without the need to consult a Spanish translator prior to making a big decision. This knowledge also enhances the overall convenience of your interactions, such as buying something from a local market. By knowing Spanish, you can discuss the particulars of the items available for sale and negotiate prices more easily. In addition to the convenience, it is also empowering to know Spanish before traveling because you can avoid being taken advantage of. Unfortunately, there are people in these exotic locations which aim to take advantage of English speaking travelers by charging entirely too much for goods or misguiding you in your decision making. If you understand Spanish, you can survey the locals instead of relying upon one or two locals speaking broken English to try and sell you on their product.

Perhaps the most important reason for learning Spanish prior to traveling is if you plan on staying in country for an extended amount of time, being a week or more. The longer you remain in a country the more interactions you will need to make, with growing importance. Some travelers will pick up a temporary job in the area to cover the expense of travel or even to replace their original income entirely. It may be wise to find a temporary job for travel which lasts between one and three months, which is only possible if you know Spanish.

Unfortunately, it can take years to master the Spanish language even though it is among the easiest of languages to learn. This goes without saying that just a few months of Spanish learning can provide you with the language toolset to speak with and understand the writing of Hispanic speakers. If you are interested in taking Spanish classes in Salt Lake City before traveling, consider the classes offered by inlingua Utah, taught by expert teachers

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