Why Learning Spanish is a Must in the US

Why should you learn Spanish, anyway? In the United States, English is not the only language spoken by its inhabitants. One reason is the vast percentage of people in Central and South America who speak Spanish. About 400 million people understand the Spanish language, so it is not surprising that many companies will prefer applicants who understand the Spanish language.

The vast quantity of Spanish speakers in the US alone is an essential reason why you should learn the language. But, there are more.

Spanish is easier to understand compared to many other languages

Spanish learning gives you a better chance of learning other Latin languages ​​such as Italian and French. Not to mention your deeper understanding of English as it has similarities in structure. Apart from allowing you to absorb other languages ​​of Latin origin, learning Spanish is easier to understand because its words and sounds are very similar to English and Italian.

You can have a better grasp of English

If you are a non-English speaker, learning Spanish is an advantage because English itself originated from Latin. Even if your mother tongue is English, you will have a better knowledge of the language when you learn Spanish. In fact, understanding the structure of your main language is more effective when studying a different language such as Spanish.

You understand and appreciate your neighbors.

Living in the United States gives you more reasons to study Spanish because of the high proportion of Spanish speakers. If you live near Mexico or within New York and Florida, you are likely to mix, work and study with Spanish speakers. In order to better appreciate and understand them, learning Spanish is a must.

Helps you communicate when you travel.

Apart from English, learning Spanish is especially helpful if you want to travel to Central and South American countries. Not to mention Spain and other European countries are known for their rich cultural heritage. Traveling in these countries requires you to understand their language, especially if you want to take your experiences even beyond the basic tourist stops. You see, if you can communicate well with the locals, you’ll probably find out where other travelers have failed to see.

Learning a second or third language is necessary these days because of globalization. You should be equipped with a language spoken and understood by the greatest number of people all over the world. Apart from English, Spanish is the next best option where it is easy to understand. If you aspire to global competitiveness or want to reach a wider range of potential customers, you should learn Spanish.

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