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inlingua Utah has been partnering with government agencies, companies, and private clients for over 2 decades. We're dedicated to bridging linguistic divides making cross-cultural communication more effective.

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inlingua Utah has over 20 years of expertise as a translation company. We make it easy to reach out to us and get a quote for your project. Simply fill out our contact form and one of our team members will be in touch with you shortly.

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The inlingua translation services

Our translation services

inlingua Utah offers translation services that bridge the linguistic divides in personal documents, marketing, business, legal, medicine, healthcare, beauty, technical fields, and websites.

We facilitate communication via language through quality, culturally accurate, translation services. Our objective is to enhance our customer’s global ventures by making sure their message hits the mark emotionally and intellectually, bringing about the intended response.

Our attention to detail and personalized customer service has greatly contributed to our recognized reputation for excellence throughout the business community.


At inlingua Utah, we offer machine translation post-editing services, enhancing the accuracy of automated translations. While machine translation provides a quick solution, it may lack the nuance of human translators. Our expert linguists review and refine machine-translated content to ensure it meets our high standards for quality and accuracy.


In addition to translations, inlingua Utah provides website, video, app, and e-learning localization. We adapt content to cultural and linguistic nuances, essential for businesses expanding into new markets. With our expertise, your content not only conveys the original message accurately but also resonates culturally with your target audience.


In today’s digital era, businesses require more than written translations. At inlingua Utah, we offer multi-media translation services, including audio and video content such as voiceovers, subtitles, and captions. With our team’s technical expertise and language skills, we accurately translate and localize multimedia content for diverse industries and purposes, ensuring effective communication across international audiences.


inlingua Utah also offers transcription services, converting audio/video content into written form accurately. Our team transcribes content in various languages and dialects, ensuring precise communication for legal proceedings, interviews, or business meetings in various industries including film & video, education, legal, and medicine. Trust inlingua Utah for accurate and efficient transcription services tailored to your needs.

Desktop publishing

Another service we provide is desktop publishing services for translated documents, ensuring polished and professional formatting. With expertise in various software programs, we handle projects of any size or complexity, from brochures to manuals, advertising, to online content. We strive to maintain the quality and visual appeal of your translated materials, matching the standards of the original documents.

inlingua reviews

Words from our clients

This place is very good to study English, the teachers are very friendly and patient, the facilities are good and the group is small.
After recently moving to U.S., I was looking for an after-school English class for my kids. Gladly I found this. The teachers are kind, responsible. They provide a relaxing and close learning environment that my kids feel it easy to fit in.
Excelente método de enseñanza, el personal educativo siempre muy comprometido, si quieres aprender rápido y bien es una excelente opción.
I have been taking classes since November 2023, and my experience has been amazing. My teacher is fun, very patient and I have really made some great progress.The platform has lots of materials to practice and the content of the classes is very complete and entertaining.Very happy with inlingua Utah!
It was a great pleasure to deal with Inlingua and Cristina in particular!
Inlingua is such a great place to learn language. I love this school and the turf. Don Durham is super helpful
Inlingua has a great facility--comfortable chairs around hardwood tables; good audio-visual equipment. My teacher is over-qualified but sympathetic to my insecurities with the language, and she's full of the most interesting anecdotes about the language and culture, and persistent with exercises from a text that is fascinating, my last lesson focusing on three fictional eating establishments: Bar Mi Morena (bar of my dark complexioned girlfriend) with tinto de verano (sangria) and carajillo (Irish coffee); Restaurante El Chalán (restaurant of the laborer) with paella (rice and chicken) and ceviche (seafood salad); and Taqueria Milagros (miracle tacos) with tortilla española (omlette) and gambas fritas (fried prawns).
Excellent place for learning a language. Everybody is really willing to help.
Las clases de inglés para mi hija son 100% personalizadas, ¡y súper dinámicas! Estamos muy contentas con el avance que tuvo en la práctica oral, de mano de profesores nativos. ¡Recomiendo inlingua para clases online!
Las clases de italiano con Irene han sido muy buenas y divertidas. Irene es muy profesional en su trabajo y hace muy fácil aprender.El sistema en la plataforma es muy amigable y te ayuda a ir corrigiendo tus errores con retroalimentación inmediata.
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At inlingua Utah, we're honored to collaborate with a diverse clientele, spanning from individuals and small businesses to major corporations and governmental organizations. Our unwavering commitment to excellence and client satisfaction has established us as a leading provider of language solutions.