4 Top French Speaking Countries to Visit

International travelers explore the world for a variety of reasons. Some enjoy the food, some enjoy the history, some enjoy the architecture, some enjoy the sites, some enjoy the beaches, but some enjoy the language. Fully immersing yourself in a language has been proven to be the quickest way to learn it. For those of you looking to travel to French-speaking countries, we will discuss four countries that absolutely must make your list of destinations.

First, it is important to note that being in a country that speaks a completely different language than you with no basic understanding of the language can make for an unpleasant, and even dangerous, experience. It is important when traveling to these countries that you have at least a general understanding of the basics of the language for safety and experiential purposes. The quickest way to master the basics of a language is through an instructor.

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The French-speaking country I recommend international travelers to visit is the birthplace of the language and the obvious choice – France. What better place to visit than the birthplace of the language, therein guaranteeing the vernacular as the purest on the planet. While the language accuracy and “purity” is nice, it is also a great destination for history buffs looking to see the sites of France including sites of the French Revolution. Architecture buffs will enjoy French buildings and the Eiffel Tower and food connoisseurs will be in heaven with authentic French cuisine at every turn. France truly has something for everyone to experience and enjoy.


The next French-speaking country recommended to international travelers to visit is Canada. Canada is not only in close proximity to the United States making it an affordable destination, but it also has French sections of the country along with sections that have a large English speaking population. This can make learning the language and experiencing the language less stressful and difficult for first timers looking to get their feet wet with international travel.


The third country recommended is Haiti. While the other two countries offer history, food, and architecture, Haiti offers an island setting with French as the main language. This destination is perfect for vacations to relax on the beach while also allowing you to fully experience the French language in parts of the country that are less popular amongst tourists.

The final French-speaking country recommended to international travelers is Switzerland. This country is home to incredible skiing resorts along the Alps. That means that if Haitian beaches are not appealing and you are looking for something in a colder climate, Switzerland is the French-speaking destination for you.

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