The 5 Best Vistas and Locales Belgium Has to Offer

Traveling is one of life’s leisure activities that can both be enjoyable and educational. Going to a foreign country can teach you a lot about foreign cultures, thereby increasing your knowledge and diversifying the people you interact with. Before traveling, however, it’s important to learn a foreign language, especially if it’s the national language of that country. Finding the best tutor is very important during such times, and although the internet may have many people claiming to offer such services, differentiating genuine ones from scams can be challenging. One of the best places to find a tutor is Inlingua Utah. They have highly qualified tutors and a good reputation making them perfect for anyone who needs some French classes in Salt Lake City.

Since Belgium has a large French speaking population, visitors should learn French at before travelling there. Some of the best places to visit in Belgium include:

Meuse Valley

Even though this is one of the best tourism sites in Belgium, it remains relatively unexplored. It’s located on the countryside along a river and has amazing scenery people can explore and enjoy. The countryside is lined with posh places like summer villas, chateaus and inns as well as outdoors café’s and towering cliffs along the river. Those who love water activities can take part in water skiing and excursion boats in the river. Although you can get there by a boat or aircraft, it’s better to travel by car so you can enjoy the many sites along the way.


This Belgian city has amazing historical structures and artifacts to impress anyone. Museums like the Plantin-Moretus, architectural buildings like Het Steen, and zoos like Antwerp zoo are all part of what makes the city great for tourism. You can sample some delicacies in places like Hoffys and purchase whatever you need anywhere along the main shopping street.


With many attraction sites, monuments and museums, you should visit this city whenever you go to Belgium. There are also entertainment sites and shopping places with traditional houses made of grey stones and bricks and black roofs. One of the specific places to visit is the Citadelle de Namur, which is a fortress between the Meuse and Sambre.


This is a coastal city that will let you enjoy exquisite beaches and piers as well as galleries. The beaches are partly lined with the Atlantic wall that also serves as Atlantic wall open-air museum. In addition, it’s easy to move around the city with the options of using a plane, car or train.


With cobbled streets, canals and medieval building, this place is perfect for those who are curious to learn about Belgium’s culture. You can take part in numerous activities that will let you interact with the locals as you explore these sites.

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