5 Top French Speaking Countries to Travel To


French is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, and there are several countries throughout the world where it is still one of the primary languages. Taking French classes in Salt Lake City can help you prepare for your trip to these countries and ensure that you are totally familiar with the language prior to your trip.

You’ll be able to enjoy much more of the local culture, converse with members of the community, and enjoy your experience more fully when you speak the local language prior to your trip. Aside from the career opportunities that will open up to you when you learn a new language, you’ll also

  1. France

France is perhaps the most obvious French speaking country that you may consider traveling to, and there are millions of native speakers who you can learn much more of the language from. France is the best place to brush up on your French skills while experiencing the country’s famous local culture.

Ahead of your trip it’s a good idea to schedule at least a few French classes in Salt Lake City so that once you arrive you’ll be able to converse with locals get around easily. Even if you already know the language a fair amount it’s still a good idea to take a few classes to brush up on your speaking and writing skills.

  1. Canada

French is also spoken in many parts of Canada including about 22% of the population or over 7 million Canadians. The majority of native French speakers live in the province of Quebec, as French is the majority language there. Approximately 80 percent of the population there speak French as their native language while 95 percent of the population speak it as at least a second language. There are smaller French speaking communities in other provinces, and it’s a great country to brush up on your French skills.

  1. Switzerland

Around 30% of the population of Switzerland has a working knowledge of French, and it is spoken in large parts of the country. If you are traveling through Europe and stopping in Switzerland or visiting the country as your primary destination, it’s a good idea to take some Salt Lake City French classes in case you end up visiting some of those regions or speaking with a French speaker which is a good likelihood.

  1. Luxemburg

Located northeast of France, around 96% of the population of Luxemburg speaks French as a primary or secondary language, and although it is one of the smaller French speaking countries, you can definitely get some good experience with the language here if you happen to stop by.

  1. Madagascar

There is a community of French speakers in the exotic travel destination of Madagascar if you ever plan on traveling there. It is one of the official languages of the country along with the native language, Malagasy, and it is known to be one of the more exciting travel destinations with its biodiversity and scenery, making it one of the more interesting countries to learn French in.

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