Why Automated Translators Don’t Work

If you need a translation, you may be tempted to use an automated translator, as there are a wide number of different options available online. You can use Google or many other online services that claim to offer high-quality and accurate automated translations. However, if you have any important purpose at all for your translation, these services will not be sufficient. You will end up getting a translation that is often rife with inaccuracies, grammatical problems and a range of other issues.  In most cases, it is much better to hire a translator with experience in the languages that you are translating.

Automated translators create inaccurate documents

Unless you were planning on using your translation for the most casual of purposes, automated translators will not work for what you need.  Any translation that must be used for a job, medical, or legal reasons needs to be very accurate, and in many cases, it should be certified as well.  Automated translators create documents that are very rough and need several edits to be accurate.  Even the best automated translators result in documents that are simply insufficient for any serious purpose. However, they can be a great educational tool if you are trying to learn any language, and that is generally how they should be used in most cases.

The technology has a long way to go

Although the technology has come a long way in recent years, it still has a long way to go before it can equal human translators or even come close.  Automated translators often make mistakes when it comes to context, grammar, multiple word meanings and other subtle details along with the abstract aspects of language.  Human beings can fully understand these abstract concepts and apply them to language translations.  For example, sentence structure differences, such as the position of the subject and predicate, can vary significantly from one language to another.  An automated translator will often make mistakes with subject and predicate positions, by keeping the same position as the source language.  It’s just one of many mistakes that automated translators make, and any experience translator will tell you that they are insufficient.

They are a great learning tool

This is not to knock automated translators as a useful learning tool.  They can be used to translate websites very quickly so that visitors can read the website in their own language and get a good idea about what is being said.  They are also an effective tool for translating literary works quickly and for getting a good general overview of any language.  Again, students can never expect automated translations to be perfect, and they must do their own additional research to create a perfectly translated document.  However, it can be a great tool for those who are just starting out learning any language, as it can help them get accustomed with cultural works and literary works. To learn more about automated translators or to order a high quality professional translation, give us a call today.

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