Benefits of a Professional Translation Service versus Freelancers

Hiring a professional translation service comes with many benefits compared hiring a freelancer. Although some freelancers can be tempting to hire because of their often affordable rates, there can be some significant drawbacks, such as the lack of a satisfaction guarantee, limited experience levels, long turnaround times and much more. Working with a professional service may cost you a little more, but you also get many other benefits such as better and more accurate translations, faster turnaround times, better customer service, multiple languages to choose from and much more. Below are some of the benefits to consider, between the two options.

More experience in many cases

In many cases, a professional translation service like Inlingua Utah will have a lot more experience compared to many freelancers. Freelancers who have more experience will end up costing you around the same amount of money as a service like Inlingua Utah, while other less experienced freelancers may cost you less but come with the risk that your translation may not be performed properly. Working with a professional translation service ensures that an experienced translator with years of working with your source and target languages will be used rather than someone who has just started out. This guarantees that your translation will be free of errors.

Often faster turnaround times

The turnaround time for your translation can also often be significantly faster when you use a professional service. Many freelancers are overwhelmed with juggling multiple clients at once, and they may be able to perform your translation but you will often have to wait several days in order to receive it. You can avoid having to deal with this by working with a professional company like Inlingua Utah which has multiple translators available to assist you. This ensures that you can meet any tight deadlines that you have.

Satisfaction guarantees are common with professional agencies

Inlingua Utah offers a satisfaction guarantee with our translation services as many other professional services do. However, you may be hard pressed to find that same type of guarantee with freelancers and others with limited experience. Having a satisfaction guarantee ensures that you’ll get the translation that you need the first time around. With a professional agency, any corrections that may be required are often rare, but if they are needed then they would be performed without any extra charges. Working with a freelancer it’s hard to know what you’ll get and if you’ll be able to use it.

Choose multiple languages

If you deal with translations frequently, you may be required to work with multiple languages, or specific dialects of a language. It’s difficult to find freelancers with the experience level to be able to assist you with particular dialects or multiple languages; in most cases, you would need to hire a very experienced freelancer or multiple freelancers. You can avoid having to search around for multiple providers by choosing one company with multiple experienced translators like Inlingua Utah. Because of the volume of translations that we do, we can offer you some great rates which are right on par with what you would get from any experienced freelancer.

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