Five Reasons to Take French Today from a French Teacher in Salt Lake City

French – The language of love, arts, music and over 220 million people spread across the five continents of this world. Taught in almost every country around the globe, French is the soul and life of the new and cultured world we humans are about to enter. In this limitless world, restricting ourselves to just one language means limiting the number of opportunities provided to us. Here are the top five reasons to learn French from a French teacher in Salt Lake City, to give your life a boost:

A Career Asset

“One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way.” – Frank Smith.

As the official language in 29 countries established within many international organizations and one of the six official languages of the United Nations, French opens up various job opportunities throughout the world. Being bilingual in French and English increases career options multifold all over Africa and Europe. Even in America, with French speakers still a rarity, job competition is extremely low and your language skill more valuable, making you virtually irreplaceable. With the help of online courses offered by Inlingua Utah, acquiring a high paying and soul-satisfying job is extremely easy and hassle-free.

Educational Opportunities

French is the language of enlightenment, philosophy, reason, and debate. Learning French from a native teacher right here in your own Salt Lake City opens up at least 481 French schools in 133 countries across the globe. Now, thanks to Inlingua Utah, it is extremely easy to connect to one of the world’s largest educational network without any monetary risk and fatigue on your part.

Easy to Learn

The fact that English shares much vocabulary with French makes it easier to learn and memorize. French shares a lot of lexical and grammatical similarities with various romance languages – Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and Romanian. This will open a gateway to learning new languages. The benefit-to-difficulty ratio of French is excellent when compared to other languages.

It’s by French Teachers

The best reason to learn French from Salt Lake City is that it is not taught by random people who learned it over the internet. The teachers Inlingua Utah offers are fluent, native speakers who will ensure right grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary. These teachers are renowned for their dynamic and inventive approach. Learn more about the teacher quality and standard at

Creative Food for the Soul

French is synonymous to romance. This melodious language is the language of great philosophers like Descartes, Sartre and Derrida, and eminent scientists Pierre and Marie Curie, Pasteur etc. Command over French makes visits France a surreal and divine experience and a cultural journey into the worlds of fashion, gastronomy, arts, architecture and science.

Goethe rightly said “He who knows no foreign languages knows nothing of his own.” Enroll now to Inlingua Utah and let it guide you to the best experience and decision of your life. Visit to learn more about what the French teachers offer.

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