French: A Gateway Language

It is no secret that being able to speak a second language is one of the best things you could ever do for yourself. For the ambitious professional, being bilingual increases your appeal to recruiters and hiring managers as well as bolstering your productivity and business relationships. On the cerebral level, being able to speak two languages can help one’s ability to multitask, develop better concentration, and even redefine the physical structure of your brain, helping to delay of possibly even stop the on set of terrifying diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s. Studies even show that bilingual people earn on average a greater annual income than monolingual. But have you ever considered that being a polyglot can be helpful to more than just you?

When you live in a first world country, its hard to comprehend the kinds of hardships of people who live day in and day out without things we consider to be basic necessities like indoor plumbing, basic healthcare, or even just clean water. And as common a language as English is, it is not a language widely spoken within the borders of our planet’s neediest countries like those that make up the Central Africa Republic. Volunteer efforts to help aid those in need are always looking for the best ways to reach out, but unfortunately they are not always as well equipped in language skills as they need to be to provide help. For anyone looking to assist in alleviating this need that also lives in Salt Lake City, finding yourself a French teacher is the best way to get yourself started.

Most people assume that learning a foreign language through cultural immersion is the best method for picking up French. While learning a language in the country where its spoken has its obvious benefits, it can often take away from volunteer time; so many are forced to divide their time between schooling and doing volunteer work. Choosing to take language courses at home where you are able to focus more on one thing at a time offers a great deal of comfort as it is a more relaxed learning environment. It also allows you to head into volunteer work fully equipped instead of scrambling and fumbling with quasi-formed French speaking skills.

Learning to speak French is hard work, but it isn’t as difficult as most native English speaking people might think nor is finding a French teacher in Salt Lake City. Inlingua, one of the leading language trainers in the world, offers a variety of foreign languages to Utah residents, including Français. Classes are offered for a variety of skill levels depending upon your needs as a student. Courses range from basic skills for first time learners to refresher courses for those who want to rediscover a language they once knew how to speak, to niche language classes for military and similar types in need of learning a specific vocabulary set. No matter how or why you need language classes, Inlingua Utah offers exactly what you need. Visit to learn more.

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