Historic Attractions to Visit in Mexico

So you are planning for a historic trip to Mexico and you are excited about it. However, your excitement turns into worry the moment you realize that the most essential part of your trip has not been planned for; communication with the Mexicans.

If you can’t speak and understand Spanish, you might not make the most of historic attractions there. That is where Inlingua Utah comes in. We are an institution that offers professional Spanish classes in Salt Lake City.

We have been offering language classes since 1996 and since then, we have become a household name as far as language and translation is concerned. We will provide the most excellent Spanish classes in Salt Lake City to ensure that your diction and vocabulary gets you mistaken for a native Mexican.

We will polish every aspect of Spanish and once we are through, you will comfortably enjoy your historic visit. Below are some of the historic sites to expect in Mexico.

  1. Fort Loreto

Fort Loreto is an eighteenth century fortress. It is mostly known because it is the location where the Battle of Puebla was fought. The battle took place on the 5th of May in 1862 and the Mexicans won against the invading French army. The tour guides have a lot more in store for you when you get there.

  1. Alhondiga De Granaditas

Located in the city of Guanajuato, Alhondiga De Granaditas served as a store for grain as well as a marketplace between 1798 and 1809. However, as Mexico started seeking independence, the aesthetic Alhondiga De Granaditas turned into a location for one of the most remembered wars in Mexico; the clash between Spanish colonialists and Mexican rebels. You will see and learn a lot more once you are there.

  1. Palenque

The Palenque is a monumental Maya archaeological site in Mexico. It is located a small distance away from a city with the same name. Archaeological evidence shows human settlement there in around 100 BC. There have been discoveries of documents written about an emperor who ruled the region at around that time. However, the city fell under siege from neighboring city and it was not until the seventh century AD that the city began to develop once again.

  1. Monte Alban

Monte Alban is a jaw dropping ancient site located in Oaxaca; Mexico. What makes it even amazing is the feat that constructors went through to set it up. This site was created by flattening a mountain rising over 1,600 feet above the valley below it. It was then inhabited by Olmecs who proceeded to beautify the region including 140 carved stones known as monument of Los Danzantes. There is a lot more to learn and experience in Monte Alban. You will definitely like your visit.

The historical attractions in Mexico can never be exhausted. There are many other aesthetic and informative historic sites besides the mentioned. Examples include the Mexico National Museum of Anthropology, the Merida Cathedral, the Kabah, Labna and much more. To maximize your experience, it is advisable to learn Spanish before you travel, so sign up for one of our Spanish classes in Salt Lake City today!

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