How Learning Spanish Can Improve Your Resume

In the global economy, one of the most profitable skills a worker can have is the capacity to talk in numerous language. Knowing an extra language like Spanish, French or Mandarin, for instance, can expose you to a much greater variety of employment opportunities or career options depending on which field you work in. Here are ways on how Learning Spanish Can Improve Your Resume.Attractiveness

When creating a resume, you need to present yourself as the most engaging candidate you can be; showing that you can speak an extra language is one of the best ways to out. Managers acknowledge bilingual workers are a premium in the commercial center and having these abilities can make you an alluring candidate, especially in retail and global sales businesses where knowing Spanish, for instance is highly desired, among many other industries.


The competition for employment can be extreme, and it’s good to discover approaches to differentiate yourself from other applicants. If you are in a pool with 10 other candidates and your abilities are comparable, knowing a foreign language can be one skill that gets you that desired first meeting.

Relationship Building

Having the capacity to speak a new language can help you build new relationships in the employment world. You’re able to speak more fluently with Spanish speakers whether you are being interviewed by one, traveling or otherwise. Addressing somebody in his or her own language helps overcome differences and creates more of a natural interaction. This sort of exchange is ideal in any business setting. Whether you are communicating with customers, sellers, or others, knowing their native language can make all the difference. It can result in long term deals, and the growth of opportunities.

Offer to Global Companies

Several candidates are excited about working for a global organization. As organizations widen their compass internationally, enterprises are requesting candidates who will travel and immerse themselves in new societies. Familiarity will Spanish or another language can give you the chance to showcase yourself as a worldwide worker, which can result in fulfilling and lucrative job opportunities. You can also get the opportunity to satisfy your wanderlust while earning an income at the same time. Depending on how well versed you are in the language, you may end up also being in lien for new employment opportunities.

In general, you will find that you are often a much more attractive candidate if you are fluent in multiple languages. It helps you stand out in almost every industry, whether you work in translation, teaching, business, sales, retail, marketing, communications, and other global industries. Knowing Spanish will improve your employment opportunities in Spanish speaking countries, but of course you shouldn’t just stop there! We offer language instruction in all of the world’s most spoken languages – with courses that are flexible and multiple options, whether you live in Salt Lake City or elsewhere.

Contact us today for more information on the course options that we offer or if you have any questions at all about our Spanish courses in Salt Lake City. We are staffed by experts in Spanish and the other languages that we teach in.

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