Why You Should Learn Spanish from a Teacher in Salt Lake City at Inlingua Utah 

As Spanish is increasingly being used in business and social situations, it would be a really beneficial language to learn. There are so many Spanish speakers around today, that you will be able to expand both your social and business networks with this new ability.

Learning Spanish with the Inlingua method

Their proprietary method of teaching Spanish has been used for years and with thousands of students with great success. Many courses use a 3 phase system of Presentation, Practice, and Production. As the student is led through each phase, they gain confidence and fluency. There is a lot of active speaking using real life situations. This makes the language more directly useful than learning solely from a book.

All the teachers are fluent native speakers

Your Spanish teacher in Salt Lake City is a fluent native speaker so you will learn the right intonations and accent and be able to speak authentically. Lessons here will lead you to speak like a local. Whether you need to learn Business Spanish or General Conversational Spanish, they can adjust the curriculum to suit your needs. At the end of the course, you will be able to read, write and speak to the level that is required.

Private or group lessons

You can learn from a Spanish teacher in Salt Lake City with a customized program at Inlingua. They will assess your needs and your Spanish ability, if any and create a customized program for you. If there is a reason that you need to achieve results faster, they can accommodate with some private lessons that are designed to suit your mode of learning.

If you need to learn Spanish for a particular event, school or occasion, the school can help you by customizing the Spanish course. They can put more emphasis on what you need, whether it is business, for a wedding or for a corporate event. Lessons can be structured around the time that suits you too.

If your child needs to learn an extra language to have a better chance at getting into college, this is the place to consider in Salt Lake City. Learning Spanish has been shown to raise test scores like the ACT and SAT.

The Spanish teachers have taught many college students who want to add extra credits or those who want to do a year of internship in a Spanish speaking country. A lot of people have done the Spanish course before embarking on an extended tour of South America, armed with their survival Spanish.

Why learn Spanish in Salt lake city?

About 20% of the population speaks Spanish in this City. The City, located in a valley close to the Great Salt Lake, has a lot to offer. It is a cultural hot spot being the home of Utah Jazz and lots of music and art festivals. Museums, art galleries, and the ballet cater for those seeking a cultural experience.

The nearby Wasatch Range of mountains offers great winter sports opportunities like skiing and snowboarding. In the summer, there is a host of outdoor sports to pursue. It’s a great place to study.

You will learn Spanish faster and more effectively with one of the most experienced Spanish teachers in Salt Lake City.

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