Mistakes to Avoid While Hiring a Certified Translation Service

Being a part of a global society, traveling and trade are common between different countries. Certified translations are often needed when there is a business, legal, medical or other requirement for a document to be translated from one source language to a target language. They require the highest degree of accuracy and must be performed by a certified individual. is always better to hire certified translators to minimize errors. But, you must be sure to hire the right translator as a small error can cost you a lot.

Here are few mistakes to avoid while managing certified translation projects:

Make a plan for your certified translation

Whether it is a personal or a business certified translation that you need, making a plan is essential. Do not wait for your translation to be finished at the last minute as it would be a hassle. Always plan for certified translations well ahead of time. Talk to professionals and communicate about the documents that you need, the deadline and the pay structure before finalizing your choice.


It’s a good idea to do a little bit of research before hiring certified translators. You can research companies that offer certified translations in Utah, ask about references, ask to speak to former customers, and ask for quotes. If you research individual translators, the quality and the price may not be the same as what you would get from an agency like Inlingua Utah. In both cases, do not forget to ask for references as well as sample works.

Technical knowledge

You have to ensure that the translator is well versed with slang, idioms, and phrases as different countries have different meanings for words. You can instruct the translator in the specific type of translation that you are looking for.

Also make sure that the professional is well versed in the particular industry that the document is used for. For example, if the translation is a bank document, the certified translations service provider should know financial terms.

Stay in touch with your translator

Once you have finalized your choice for a firm or an individual, think about your budget. After sorting it this, make sure that an exclusive employee is assigned to your project so that you can check on it. Ask for updates about how quickly the translation is progressing.

Check the final result

Of course, the final result matters. Once the work is completed, you should review it. If you need some changes, speak with your certified translator. Ask for the necessary changes to be made. You can always check on how your translation is progressing as it is being performed, but try not to interfere too much with their work.

A certified translator is needed anytime you require a certified translation and it’s essential to hire the right service for the particular translation that you need. Follow the above-mentioned tips while hiring a certified translation service provider. Inlingua Utah is a leading certified translation service and we can assist you on your next project to ensure that it is accurately translated the way that you require. To learn more about our service call us today at 1-801-355-3775.

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