More Tips for Finding a Quality Translation Service


As you might have read in some of our other articles, we here at inlingua Utah want to help you find the best translation service for your needs. That is why we have put together another list of tips for you to consider when you are on the hunt for such services.

Research your document and find out what kind of translation you are looking for. There’s no use in hiring a blog translator to translate your official document. Yes, the translator is trusted and professional, but is this person really the right person for the job? Can he offer better services than someone who’s an expert in translating official documents? There’s a big chance he can’t. You need to find out what your audience is going to be, and if any specific terminology should be used in the document.

You should also carefully examine what kind of language you want to use. You’ve established that you want to translate your document to Spanish, but what kind of Spanish? Just as there are different dialects of English spoken in various parts of the US, there’s a difference between the Spanish spoken in South America and the Spanish spoken in Europe. Make sure you ask for the right kind of language, and be very clear about it.

Decide what kind of translation service best fits your personal needs. Do you prefer to work with a local translation agency, so that you can keep close contact to ask how things are going? Or would you rather prefer a large scale translation agency, which you assume is trustworthy due their millions of clients every month? Another option still might be the translator on a freelance basis, whom you can establish a personal connection with and become long-time partners. These are things you’re going to have to think about when choosing a translator for your documents. Each translation service has their own benefits, so make sure to study all of them.

Ask the translator how they can guarantee you the quality they need. Even those of us who work for inlingua Utah have all heard the competitor’s promises and speeches about “quality assurance” – but do they really deliver? You can easily find out which translation agency offers valuable translation services and which ones don’t by asking them the simple question of how they guarantee quality. A lot of the time, you can determine whether or not it’s nonsense just in the first minute of their explanation.

Every document has its own needs, and every translator has their own skillset to offer you. One translator might be good at doing official documents, while another translator might be good at translating blogs. All of them are very different, and they all have their own way of writing things. Just like we have various different ways to write a single sentence, they have various different ways to translate that same sentence. We hope that these tips can help you find the right translation service to fit your needs.

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